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The Rhythm Bullies’ The Dysnomia EP Review


The Rhythm Bullies’ The Dysnomia EP Review

The Rhythm Bullies’ Singer-songwriter-guitarist, Sebastian Mogan of the band, , which has released its rock-symphonic-synthesizers-world EP, ‘The Dysnomia.’

Band: The Rhythm Bullies: Sebastian Mogan: Vocals and guitar

EP: ‘The Dysnomia;’ Released April 21, 2021

Versatile rock singer-songwriter-guitarist, Sebastian Mogan is inspiring people with disabilities to pursue their creative freedoms and dreams with the recent release of the Gothic EP, ‘The Dysnomia,’ with his band, The Rhythm Bullies. The Nashville-based musician, who is hearing and vision impaired, didn’t allow his disability stand in his way of crafting an album that blends together stunning world and symphonic instrumentals with bold, relatable lyrics and catchy, impressive vocals.

Mogan established himself as a dynamic, progressive artist through his emergence in the indie rock scene with the group. He was able to overcome the challenges of living with his disability to produce an explosive collection of five tracks that feature a fiery blend of rock, world, symphonic and synth vocals and instrumentals that tell an alluring and timely narrative.

‘The Dysnomia’ begins with is title debut single, which was produced by Grammy-nominated engineer Bobby Holland and released this past January. The rock-fueled ‘Dysnomia’ features a unique blend of vintage rock and post-punk vocals, synthesizers and bass to offer intense insight into the chaos that’s driving contemporary society. Supported by a catchy, synth driven chorus and edgy melody that prove the power of the singer’s vocal range, as well as poetic lyrics that reflect on modern political opportunism, the tune is the perfect single to introduce The Rhythm Bullies to the world.

The record’s eponymous entry leads into its sophomore song, ‘Escape From Dysnomia,’ which is one of its best track. Serving as a continuation of its predecessor, the instrumental-driven second tune instantly makes a name for itself, as well as Mogan’s overall work as a musician, with its dark and daunting electronic synthesizers drums. The multi-movement symphonic song is an intense masterpiece that proves his natural talent and potential as a singer-songwriter-instrumentalist.

The middle track on The Rhythm Bullies’ new EP, ‘So Far Away,’ is another memorable standout entry that opposes the post modern times that Americans are currently living in. With its overall timely, important message that chronicles the disconnect many people are feeling with each other and society, the song is one of his most personal and relatable efforts. Also aided by its soulful rock guitar and emotional vocals that are reminiscent of Nirvana at times, the tune proves that Mogan has the talent to become a true rock star with staying power.

‘The Dysnomia’ begins to wind down with its penultimate entry, ‘Theo.’ Beginning with slow rock guitar strumming that build up into more explosive riffs that support the artist’s vocals that chronicle how he wants to be heard, the song is the ultimate example of why music fans should give his overall diverse blend of genres a listen. The track’s overall lyrics also highlight that he wants to find the place where he belongs, even in this modern, isolated world.

The Rhythm Bullies’ new EP ends with the distinctly unique tune, ‘Through the Glass,’ which features Dave Matthews Band saxophonist, Jeff Coffin. The hypnotic pop-rock song continues the artist’s journey of seeking reality, and challenging the subjectivity of what the truth can mean to everyone. Backed by a blend of the sax and guitar that’s unparalleled in his contemporary musicians’ tracks, he ponders who he truly is, and how he’s leading his life, in funky vocals. The tune is a distinct and enduring conclusion to the album that listeners won’t soon forget.

Mogan proves what a gifted, skilled singer, songwriter and guitarist with the release of The Rhythm Bullies’ new record. Throughout ‘The Dysnomia,’ the musician encourages his listeners, especially those with disabilities like himself, to pursue their creative freedoms and goals. He also strongly advises them to not allow any obstacles they must contend with in their every day lives be the only thing that defines them. As a result of his determination to do whatever it takes to pursue his dream of a being a successful musician, he crafted a remarkable collection of tracks that are driven by a blend of striking world and rock instrumentals, relatable lyrics and superb symphonic and synth vocals that tell an timely narrative that has secured his place as a music legend.

For more information on The Rhythm Bullies, visit the band’s official website, as well as its Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Bandcamp pages.

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