The cover for musician Modern Andy’s electric-acoustic-indie-rock-folk single, ‘Lights.’

Band: Modern Andy

Single: ‘Light’

Acclaimed acoustic musician, Modern Andy is showcasing his strengths and fortitude as a folktronic instrumentalist with his latest emotionally gripping rock single, ‘Light.’ The St. Louis-based downtempo recording artist drew upon his distinctive signature electronic sound to create a unique, enthralling song that’s sure to become a commercial indie rock hit.

Modern Andy, who has appeared on such Spotify playlists as Amazing Acoustic Artists and All the Folk, is rivaling such rock bands as X Ambassadors, Coldplay and Imagine Dragons with his enticing guitar strumming throughout ‘Light’s almost four-minute runtime. While the musician’s acoustic guitar playing is the true standout on the track, its intricate blend with subtle drum beats also perfectly emphasize his soulful, heartfelt talent as an instrumentalist.

‘Light’s unique sound is especially noteworthy because Modern Andy mainly uses analog equipment and acoustic instruments. In addition to the acoustic guitars, organic harmony was surprisingly crafted by such unique equipment as a 1914 Baby Grand Piano and outboard effects, which ultimately infused the track with a pulsating bassline and beat that were impressively commanding, but not too overpowering.

The stunning blend of analog equipment and acoustic instruments help emphasize the recording artist’s bold, valiant vocals. In gritty tones, he chronicles his journey of fighting battles and embarking on adventure around the world, which prove what a truly dynamic, influential leader he is in his distinct blend of genres.

Modern Andy is once again proving his power and clout as an acoustic musician on the stunningly versatile instrumentals and vocals that appear on ‘Light.’ He drew upon his distinctive signature electronic sound to create an intricate, subtle blend of acoustic guitars, piano, drums and sound effects and gritty vocals to create a unique, emotionally gripping downtempo folk-rock tune. The recording artist’s soulful, heartfelt blend of instrumentals and vocals have created a single that’s sure to become a commercial indie rock hit.

For more information on Modern Andy, visit his official website, as well as his Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, Pandora and Facebook pages.

By Karen Benardello

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