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Swissx E-Commerce TV Player Connects Users to the World’s Largest Private Film and Television Collection


Swissx E-Commerce TV Player Connects Users to the World’s Largest Private Film and Television Collection

Swissx TV users can gain access to the world’s largest private film and television collection through the E-Commerce TV (ETV) Player by Anakando Media. The fully integrated streaming player features a highly engaging user interface and powerful Shopify integration, along with a fully embeddable player that has a simple built in browser display.

Anakando’s e-commerce technology also listens for keywords in the closed caption player, which are served by the FilmOn streaming TV media platform. Real time product recommendations are available to consumers for in-app purchases.

The real time recommendations begin to work when films and television shows mention a specific product, like Coca Cola. The application then connects the keywords and displays local delivery options of Coca Cola products from local stores.

At the same time, keywords that relate to wellness and lifestyle will offer on-screen pop ups with targeted products and services curated by the Swissx team. Those products and services include organic wellness living, sustainable luxury Homes, streaming entertainment and streaming box subscription services, curated plant wellness products, lifestyle living products and real time home delivery services.

The FilmOn content network power multiple streaming services, including Hulu, itunes, Google Play, Lenovo/IBM, FilmOn TV, CinemaNow, Amazon, Atari and Swissx TV. The platform also features remote DVR and scheduled services, over 250,000 Videos on Demand and a way for professional organizations to launch their own branded channel.

Swissx TV is a branded application of the FilmOn player. It carries the full range of the Swissx Market Products, which includes such third party brands as Sharper Image and 7-11. The streaming service also enables viewers to watch live and recorded UK and international television shows, movies and music videos in a variety of genres, including news, sports, drama, comedy, horror, lifestyle, shopping, pop, EDM and blues.

Anakando Media Group also distributes long tail VOD and live streaming content to over 720 digital stores globally through another one of its sister corporation, OCTiiVE (formerly MondoTunes). OCTiiVE, which is the third largest self-publishing audio video platform in the world, exclusively delivers its content to the stores through Sony Digital and Universal Music.

ShockYa provides Anakando Media Group with a curated media feed. ShockYa reports on the latest political, film, television and music news, and also posts reviews and interviews of filmmakers’ and musicians’ latest projects. So users have a diverse variety of content to consume on the FilmOn E-Commerce TV Player by Anakando Media.

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