AVNI (Symbol AVNI, US: OTC) whos control was recently acquired by billionaire media mogul Alki David, today announced it’s aggresive tech and wellness brand strategy to establish Swissx.com and Swissx Island properties as the premiere destinations for wellness, leisure and entertainment.

August 24, 2021 | Source: Swissx.com

Los Angeles, CA – Gstaad, Switzerland, August 24 2021 In a Virtual Hologram Conference courtesy of Alki David’s Hologram USA, shareholders from around the world led by Mr. David, met and announced their opening strategy to establish AVNI as the holding company for this exciting integration of wellness and entertainment corporate take overs.

“AVNI (OTC New York, NY) is the perfect platform for us to roll up these exciting companies, it’s kind of the Amazon of wellness with a sharper image!,” says Matt Bentley the new Chief Executive of AVNI.

This is a really an amalgamation of Ai and streaming media businesses with an ever evolving world of high-tech health and wellness, which today incorporates online therapeutic streaming of digital arts sports news and entertainment, combined with at-home e-commerce delivery and monthly at-home branded subscription services both digital and physical.

AVNI recently signed agreements with Alki David’s group of companies held under the Anakando Company, which includes Swissx the owner of the patents that power vape products made by leading e-cig brands such as IQOS, Mark-10, NJOY, Pax Labs and Juul. Swissx has entered the tobacco vape sector with all-natural nicotine extracts from tobacco that is grown on sustainable, cooperative farms in California and high in the Swiss Alps. Most recently Founder of Swissx, Alki David also announced that Swissx has begun shipping it’s own pods and replacement parts, manufactured with ceramic and glass, citing the dangers of both personal injury and cancer risk poised by major e-cig brands’ plastic parts. The new products are already arriving in 7-11s and other major convenience store chains, and are also selling at Swissx.com.

Swissx, founded by Alki David in 2016, ‘is the leading wellness brand that helped bring cannabis products into mainstream acceptance. It’s Swiss-developed, organic CBD oils are the gold standard for purity and wellness effects. Swissx farmer’s cooperative programs throughout California and the Caribbean help struggling agricultural communities develop lucrative, fair trade crops. Swissx and Alki David are also business partners with Mike Tyson and his cannabis company Tyson Ranch.

AVNI also signed an agreement with Alki David’s FILMON TV platform and has already launched a subscription service streaming TV content, and patent pending, Nuerotainment technology that integrates user preference machine learning with product recommendations. Swissx TV creates original content designed to help customers access live and on demand TV programming with both legacy and original content created to enhance the user experience when using Swissx product and services. Swissx’s wellness products have been used by such luminaries as Tommy Chong, Keeping up with the Kardashian’s Scott Disick, Donatella Versace, Dave Navarro, Ray J, Chief Keef, and Reggae legend Marlon Asher who rerecorded his cannabis anthem “Ganja Farmer” in tribute to Swissx.

Footnote: Arvana is the moment that follows Nirvana. An Avni is a practitioner of Arvana.

Shop Swissx now at swissx.com

Watch Swissx TV at swissxtv.com

For more information on Swissx products or the patent lawsuit contact: press@swissx.com

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