Welcome to Happiness, which originally played at festivals in 2015 and was released the following year, takes a mind-bending trip to memory and possibility through a magical door in the closet of its main character Woody (Kyle Gallner). A stellar ensemble cast includes Olivia Thirlby, Brendan Sexton III, Paget Brewster, Nick Offerman, Josh Brener, Keegan Michael-Key, and Frances Conroy.

Now, a director’s cut of the film is debuting on VOD, though the director himself, Oliver Thompson, prefers to think of it as a special edition a la Star Wars. ShockYa had the chance to chat with Thompson, Brewster, and Sexton about their inspirations for the original film, their take on the new version, and other reflections on their accomplished careers.

Watch our exclusive interview above, and the trailer for the film below. Welcome to Happiness will be available to rent or buy on streaming platforms beginning Friday, August 27th.

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