Doctor Foster is a British Mystery Drama series created and written by Mike Bartlett, it is about Gemma Foster, a doctor who suspects her husband Simon is having an affair. She dedicates herself to finding out the truth and her life unravels from what all secrets she finds. Suranne Jones and Bertie Carvel star in the acclaimed drama series. In public Gemma plays the perfect wife, while concocting a plan to ensure she comes out on top.


Still from British Mystery Thriller Doctor Foster

In this episode, Gemma acts as if everything is normal, while investigating her husband’s love life and his financial matters. She then goes on to sleep with his accountant Neil and gets more information on her husband, Simon. She finds out that the big project of Simon’s, the re-development of the school is a financial black hole and all their savings, home and everything would have gone by now, if the mysterious investor had not come in at the right time to bail him out. Simon has already drained all the accounts and has forged her signature to get his ways.  Simon’s terminally ill mother ends her life due to constant pain. Gemma decides against divorcing Simon due to the increased distress and vulnerability of the situation. At the end of the episode, they hold hands, hoping everything will be alright.

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