Shakespeare & Hathaway is a British Comedy Drama about a couple of private investigators Frank Shakespeare and Lu Hathaway who investigate crime in their scenic village of Stratford-upon-Avon in England. It is a light PI series full of comedy and drama where they solve crimes in their beautiful village.

Still from Shakespeare & Hathaway ‘The Rough Magic’

In this episode The Rough Magic, Jill is picked randomly from the audience to assist in the magician Lawrence Pross’s trick, a trick that was well practiced before on numerous occasions. The Magician believes his rival sabotaged his trick in order to get him fixed and out of business and be the sole Magician around. Lawrence consults Frank and Lu to clear his name. They discover that wealthy Jill had argued with cash-strapped spouse Steffan and CCTV seems to incriminate him, but the detectives find that he has been framed and must work out why and by whom.

This episode of Shakespeare & Hathaway Private Investigators is airing on Drama Channel on Swissx TV tonight at 20:00pm GMT. It can be viewed then or recorded and watched later.

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