The Inspector Lynley Mysteries is a British detective drama series. The protagonist, Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley, the 8th Earl of Asherton , finds himself paired with Detective Sergeant Havers. They solve murder cases together in every episode. The series is based on solving the murder mystery while balancing the internal clashes between the two due to their own personal differences arising from the difference in their background and personalities. He’s a posh British Man and she’s messy from a working-class background, opposite ends on the social spectrum solve cases together.

Still from ‘The Inspector Lynley Mysteries’

In this episode, Havers returns back to duty after recovering from her gun shot wound. Inspector Lynley and Havers investigate the murder of a woman shot with a shotgun. The body is moved from the original crime scene and a mysterious letter is sent to the police giving them a clue. An old case is linked to the present one and some dark secrets come to light. The motive of the murder is discovered and Havers relives the horror of her recent shooting.

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