Les Misérables is a six-part adaptation of the famous Victor Hugo’s classic masterpiece starring Dominic West, David Oyelowo, and Lily Collins. This is a different adaptation to the famous West end musical. This adaptation Of Les Misérables with an extraordinary star cast show the characters struggle to survive in war torn France. It is post Napoleonic France with unrest still gripping Paris.

Still from Les Misérables

In these episodes, Convict Jean Valjean gets on the wrong side of the prison guard Javert, but, on release, is moved by the kindness of a bishop, who helps him and saves him from being re – arrested. Many years later, Jean Valjean is successful, a factory owner and the mayor of Montreuil. But then he meets the town’s new police chief, none other than Javert. Fantine is forced to leave Paris to look for work to pay off her debts, she makes the difficult decision to leave her daughter behind for a brighter future. Valjean promises to look after her daughter, Cosette.

The first three parts of the six-part series are being aired today on Drama Channel on FilmOn TV at 22:30pm GMT. The latter three parts of the series will be aired tomorrow at the same time. All episodes can be viewed live or recorded and watched later. It is a highly acclaimed gripping series perfect for a binge-watch.

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