The most powerful and compelling films are often grounded in relatability and emotionally engage their viewers in the characters’ journeys, no matter what era or circumstances they’re set in. That’s certainly true for the new historical biopic, ‘The Laureate,’ which depicts the life of British war poet and novelist Robert Graves almost a century ago, in the late 1920s.

The drama opened in theaters and On Demand this weekend, courtesy of Gravitas Ventures. In honor of ‘The Laureate’s official release, ShockYa is exclusively debuting a behind the scenes featurette from the movie.

In the featurette, the film’s cast and crew talk about how Graves was at a crossroads in his life, as he was debating what his career as a writer should be like, in a time when World War I veterans were being honored. The cast and crew also noted that the poet-novelist, who served in the British army during the war, was married to Nancy Nicholson at the time, and they described their marriage as partnership of equals. The featurette also notes that the biopic tells the story of the drama his relationships, particularly his marriage, which everyone can relate to, as humanity hasn’t changed in the past century.

William Nunez wrote, directed and produced ‘The Laureate.’ The movie stars Tom Hughes as Graves, who wrote the renowned classic novel ‘I, Claudius’ and his autobiography, ‘Goodbye to All That,’ and Laura Haddock as Nicholson. The film’s supporting cast includes Dianna Agron as Laura Riding, Graves’ lover when he was still married to Nicholson; and Fra Fee, who played Irish poet Geoffrey Phibbs, who also became romantically involved with Graves and Riding.

‘The Laureate’ follows the marriage of Graves and Nicholson between 1928-1930, when they were on the brink of disillusion. They then meet, and subsequently invite, Riding to live with them in their idyllic cottage. However, the spouses soon begin to question if this stranger will push their marriage’s fragile state over the edge.

Actor Tom Hughes stars in writer-director-producer William Nunez’s historical romantic biopic, ‘The Laureate.’
'The Laureate' - BTS Featurette
'The Laureate' - BTS Featurette

ShockYa is exclusively premiering a behind the scenes featurette from writer-director-producer William Nunez's historical biopic, 'The Laureate,' which has been released in theaters and On Demand by Gravitas Ventures.

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