The weekly sales of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have soared online. Several records have been broken and thus many are looking to learn more about NFTs and their worth. Basically, grab as much information as possible about NFTs and Crypto to stay up to date. FilmOn TV with its latest channels on NFTs aims to provide its viewers with a deep dive into NFTs, the latest trends, the market watch, what’s hot and what’s not, everything simplified and in one place.


Most items in this world are fungible meaning any item or currency or anything that is interchangeable. For example, any ten-dollar bill can be exchanged for a different ten-dollar bill, or a twenty-dollar bill can be exchanged for two ten-dollar bills. It’s a fact that is vital for any currency to work. On the other hand, something that is non-fungible has no identical equivalent that you can exchange it with, it’s absolutely unique. The blockchain acts as a certificate of authenticity in this case and tracks who owns what in a way that no one can counterfeit.

NFTs are collectibles, so some people buy them and hold them for a long duration while some buy NFTs for the sole purpose of trading.

NFTs at Swissx have gained popularity for being the NFTs of some of the coolest assets in the world. One can join the Club at and buy famous art in 1% fractions and collect miniature Gold Coins of your favourite asset art backed NFT in 1 % Fractions of famous art pieces worth over a $ 1 Billion Dollars. With being part of the club every month you will receive the Swissx TV Wellness Box packed with Swissx curated goodies which also gets you access to exclusive content of 600 Channels of Live TV News & Entertainment. It is possible to group invest in a piece or buy it whole and create an amazing art backed NFT portfolio with

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