This time last year we were just getting used to the term NFTs and within a span of one year they are ruling the world. The industry has been growing at a tremendous rate and there is no stopping that. With the amount of time that we all spend online, no wonder the NFTs have picked up such a fast pace. It is widely accepted that we all have a parallel digital identity and NFTs will be a big part of this identity through its uniqueness. NFTs tend to represent a valuable unique moment in history and culture. They are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and cannot be duplicated. NFTs are used to represent real-world items like pictures, artwork, and real-estate.

With Swissx one can invest in 1% Ownership of the Real Bruce Lee film Negative and worldwide ownership of distribution.

Swissx has recently launched its latest asset back NFT collection. The art and lifestyle assets at Swissx are valued over $1 Billion USD giving one access to some of the most valued NFTs of these assets. Ownership is memorialized in a miniature gold icon of the original art piece with embedded NFC chip. The NFTs can be purchased on Opensea as well as

Swissx NFTs are hot and in demand as they get their value from its strong asset backing. The value of these assets give their NFTs the status of collectibles and in turn their value.

The assets at Swissx include some of the most valuable art pieces, collectible items and films. One can buy fractions and invest fractionally in as little as 1%. It is also possible to group invest in pieces. One gets physical ownership of the asset when one holds 51% ownership. Fractional ownership is getting extremely popular due to the ease of investing in the high value collection.

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Swissx Labs AG is based in Bern, Switzerland and is host to many cold storage blockchain customers, where keys and drives are kept in secure environments along with original artworks and precious artifacts.

Swissx is the leading wellness brand from the Swiss Mountain Lab that focuses on bringing the best CBD products to the market. CBD is one of the most influential products in the health and wellness industry. It helps find relief using natural plant products. Swissx is known for having several celebrities as fans for its high-quality CBD products.

For more information onĀ Swissx, visit its official website.

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