Here is the dodgy Search Warrant 12-56 Issued by Attorney General Kamala Harris’s office to Intimidate Respected Law Journalist Simon Levi aka Leslie Brodie.

According to, when Kamala Harris was Attorney General of California in 2012, now Vice President Harris, conspired with disgraced lawyer Tom Girardi to extort Californian Taxpayers and to corrupt the State Bar of California with drug money and illicit funds derived from an international money laundering scheme.

At the time Leslie Brodie was a vocal critic of the Supreme Court of California and the Girardi Judges. Brodie highlighted this crooked Search Warrant, one of many that were made available to TVMIX. This one targeted Simon Levi, a Yolo, California resident who was critical of Tom Girardi and the State Bar.

Brodie’s posts exposed the Girardi Judges and officials at the State Bar. He also exposed the murder of Attorney Phil Kay who was killed defending the rights of gay lawyers affected by Girardi’s corruption of the courthouses. Girardi affected the entire legal apparatus of the State Bar of California.

According to Whistleblowers at the Sherriff’s Department, racketeering inside the Sherriff Baca’s offices, prior to Bacca being imprisoned for three years was and is still out of control today.

“As is Adam Schiff’s illegal wiretapping that has already been banned by a FISA Court” said another Lawyer blowing the whistle on Tom Girardi and his Gang.

“Why Schiff is still doing this, is amazing to me! His Tech people have to be worried about collusion. After Baca’s office was shut down by the FBI four years ago, Schiff moved the operation to UC Irvine where it’s still illegally operational today!”

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“is still going on today! Reselling of impounded goods drugs and cash would also be laundered through Girardi’s scams.”

Kamala Harris served as Attorney General under the Obama Administration and Governor Gavin Newsom’s first term in office.

Simon Levi’s posts, exposed the Girardi Judges and officials at the State Bar who corrupted Superior Court Judges and officials at Courthouses around California.

Bar Associations and Law Publications were also targeted by Girardi and his gang of Attorneys that included Gloria Allred, Michael Avenatti, Adam Schiff and Darrel Issa.

According to Levi, Girardi’s decades long schemes impacted the entire legal apparatus of San Francisco and Los Angeles at the time Vice President Kamala Harris was Attorney General under the Obama Administration.

In the Search Warrant, Harris is expressly ordering the removal of any information pertaining to Tom Girardi, from Levi’s home. Others included members of the State Bar of California including Joe Dunn, the then head of the State Bar.

Girardi was made famous for being the lawyer depicted in the movie Erin Brockovich. He is also married to NBC Beverly Hills Housewife, Eryka Jayne.

The couple has allegedly split, and Tom is hiding in a West LA old pensioner’s home claiming to be suffering from Alzheimer’s. Despite his own Doctor admitting to investigators that Girardi is lying.

As a result of TVMix investigations an ongoing investigation with the FBI was started by Brian Gilhooly head of Special Mission in Los Angeles appointed by FBI Director Chris Wray.

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