Artist: Jordana Talsky

EP: ‘Zahava;’ Released: August 27, 2021; Producer: Justin Abedin

People’s internal wisdom and power, no matter what circumstances they’re contending with in their lives, is best harnessed when they learn to feel comfortable and confident with themselves. Toronto-based loop artist, Jordana Talsky is proving just that with her latest EP, which is titled ‘Zahava’ after her middle name, which means ‘golden’ in Hebrew. The six-track experimental fusion album from the acapella singer-songwriter chronicles her emotional, relatable journey to fight back against her internal insecurities, criticisms and conflicts in modern society.

Talsky takes inspiration from several of her fellow alternative-indie-soul pop-jazz musicians, including Kimbra, Sara Bareilles, Jacob Collier and Imogen Heapis, while scribing and performing the tunes on ‘Zahava.’ The fascinating, sentimental all vocal looping release is rooted in deep human themes that listeners of all backgrounds can understand and embrace.

The loop artist’s latest record, whose tracks are driven by hypnotic, genuine and soul-bearing intimate narratives, begins with the mesmerizing indie-pop entry, ‘Superpower.’ The uplifting, musically-rich song features a slow, sly melody as she passionately croons about love. Talsky, who undertakes all the musical roles on the EP using only her voice and body, sings about how the person she loves is working their way into her heart and life. The more time they spend together, the more she wonders what their overall life together would be like on ‘Zahava’s opening tune, which instantly proves what a strong female presence she has in contemporary pop music.

‘Superpower’ then transitions into the EP’s sophomore entry, ‘Oh Yeah,’ which is a quirky, fun indie-pop track that chronicles how spending time with a partner can make people forget about the other plans and important moments in their lives. Talsky infused the song with powerful, stripped back harmonies and background vocals. Her vulnerable singing adds a subtle beat to the simple, yet equally vital and telling, lyrics, which includes the powerful proclamation that she doesn’t want to die this way.

‘Zahava’ begins to wind down with its fifth entry, the romantic dream-pop tune, ‘City Lights.’ The loop artist further proves her musical talent by incorporating a more elaborate use of melody on the track than the album’s previous songs. The tune powerfully contemplates how people often think they’re content with their lives until they’re introduced to someone who makes them question if they’re truly happy with their existence. Then going on to find love with that person who challenges their pre-conceived notions about their life can really help improve their happiness, both together and individually.

‘City Lights’ then transitions into ‘Zahava’s uplifting indie-pop entry, ‘Honey.’ The track offers a positive message about the importance of people standing up for themself and believing in their own abilities in its tones that take inspiration from such fellow jazz-R&B singer-songwriters as Banks and Bishop Briggs. Driven by a chorus fueled by complex, layered harmonies, the song warns its listeners not to spend time worrying about what they consider to be wrong with themselves, and instead only give their hearts to people who care about them.

Talsky is powerfully proving that people’s internal wisdom and power is best harnessed when they learn how to feel comfortable and confident with themselves on her latest EP. ‘Zahava’ effortlessly chronicles her emotional, relatable journey to overcome her internal insecurities, criticisms and conflicts in modern society through its fascinating, sentimental vocal looping, which is rooted in deep human themes that listeners of all backgrounds can embrace.

For more information on Talsky visit her official website, as well as her SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

The cover for acapella singer-songwriter Jordana Talsky’s alternative-indie-soul pop-experimental-fusion jazz EP, ‘Zahava.’

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