British billionaire Alki David has served the GIRARDI judge Yolanda Orozco with a six-page recall petition to officially remove her from her office. He is continuing his fight against the corruption of California-based judge by taking the legal action as reported by TVMix.

“Corrupt Yolanda Orozco was unelected to the Superior Court Bench of California presiding over billions of dollars in illicit settlement money generated by the Girardi Syndicate.”

Judge Yolanda Orozco – unelected “Girardi Judge”

According to TVMix, many high-profile supporters including Congress Candidate, activist and lawyer Ronda Kennedy is strongly supporting the movement and is in favour of purging the California Civil Courts.

Ronda Kennedy, Congress Candidate, Activist, Lawyer

“It’s time that the people took the power back into their own hands! Corruption at the State Bar with disgraced head of Bar Joe Dunn and Attorney Tom Girardi out of the way, means the purge can begin.”

The movement is also strongly supported by the Republican Congress Candidate Joe Collins III , “This lady’s got to go!Joe Collins III, Congress Candidate

James P Bradley, Senatorial Republican Candidate is also a strong supporter of the movement.

“Get them all out! Our biggest challenge is to replace these corrupt Girardi officials with ethical impartial men and women who are here to serve our communities.”

James Bradley, Senatorial Republican Candidate

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This petition is a follow up of the open letter written by David published first on TVMix last month asking the judge to recuse herself from all the activities related to her affiliation with the disgraced former lawyer Tom Girardi.

Tom Girardi

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The clip of the petition being served was posted on Instagram in which you can see his associate walking in the judge’s courtroom in LA Superior Court. The video serves as the proof that the judge has been served and, in the video, he is seen asking the two court clerks for the receipt. The Entrepreneur waited for the receipt and wished the clerks a good day in the video before leaving. Below is the first page of the petition which is also supported by Judge Recall.

The recall petition is signed by a number of high-profile residents whose names, signatures and South Californian addresses are proof of their strong support to the movement.

As reported by TVMix, David is leading the petition as he knows the judge worked for the L.A. based law firm, Jones Day at the time that it was embroiled in the Girardi scandal. The businessman also stated in his open letter to the judge that he knows she’s aware that “the Los Angeles Superior Court and Jones Day, amongst others, have been under investigation by the FBI for bribery and corruption of the State Bar and for what has been termed as the Girardi Judges.”

David mentions that his pursuit to have Judge Orozco removed from office has become personal. “As a complex transactions specialist at Jones Day, which you worked for five years, until you became a Superior Court Judge, you should have recused yourself a long time ago rather than continue to traffic me through the court system.” David further adds “your ludicrous attempt to have me made a ward of the state is both criminal and deeply disturbing.”

The entrepreneur concluded the letter by stating “I have repeatedly tried to communicate with you. I have written a letter to you, which you ignored. You have abused the system of honour and ethics that you are meant to uphold,” which led him to help lead the recall petition against her.

“We live in the Great American Republic of the United States. We the people have the power to choose who is judging us”, concludes Alki David.


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