Spring is in the air, the weather is improving, birds are chirpier and there is a sense of freshness all around. It is also the time to look forward to holidays and getting out of the usual routine. Going abroad, getting out of one’s comfort zone whether on a holiday or moving abroad in the future is a step that can be daunting. With all the excitement, one still needs a comfort blanket to feel secure and at ease and have familiarity. One thing that makes one instantly comfortable is being able to watch one’s favourite channels, TV Shows and movies at one’s convenience.

FilmOn TV is one of the most popular online streaming services with Expats as one can watch their favourite TV shows, channels and stay connected. FilmOn TV gives one access to more than 600+ Live TV Channels from around the world and an extensive library of VOD movies. No matter where you are in the world, one can watch one’s favourite TV shows live or record them and watch later, no more being abroad and missing home television.

From the most respected news channels, live matches, comedies, period dramas, horror movies, British detective dramas to legal soaps there is something for everyone. From celebrity channels to channels dedicated to politics, finance, travel, and technology, FilmOn has it all.

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One can stay equipped with the latest news in the Crypto space and the NFTs with FilmOn TV. The channels on Crypto and NFT are dedicated to bringing the very latest developments from the crypto area.

FilmOn TV as a latest offering has a Swissx NFT Box subscription that gets one access to the wellness box full of premium lifestyle brand Swissx goodies along with full access to the TV box. Click here to subscribe. The box can be customised as per one’s preference.

Swissx is one of the most popular plant based lifestyle brand with many celebrities as its regular customers.

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FilmOn TV provides one of the finest online television viewing experiences alongside being a social television. Be social while watching your favourite TV shows or live matches, discuss with your friends or just share your point of view with the rest of the viewers, bringing everyone closer and starting the discussion. Watch Live TV on FilmOn on web or on an android or iOS App. Live TV channels from UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and rest of the world are available on FilmOn TV.




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