Popular British Crime Drama Midsomer Murders revolves around Detective Barnaby and his partner solving murders in the picturesque English County of Midsomer. It is a light-hearted crime drama with humour, quirkiness, and good banter. Barnaby is methodical, fair, and always finds a personal connection while solving the mystery. Midsomer Murders is entertaining, engrossing and keeps you on your toes trying to solve the mystery.

Still from ‘Midsomer Murders’

In this episode, in the village of Apern Tallow multiple ghostly occurrences that can’t be explained start taking place. It starts with the mysterious slashing of a painting of a local historical figure in the local museum. Barnaby is shadowed by Cully’s actor boyfriend, who is preparing for a role as a police officer. Later, the curator of the museum is assaulted, and a direct descendant of the historical figure is found dead on the grave of his ancestor.

This episode of Midsomer Murders is airing on ITV3 on FilmOn TV tonight at 15:50hrs GMT. It can be viewed then or recorded and watched later.

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