Artist: Amo Jr.; Amo Jr. and Christian Schällert: Piano; Franz Schedlbauer: Guitars, bass and programming; and Charlotte Ortmann: Flute

Single: ‘Emotions;’ Written and composed by: Amo Jr.; Arrangements and Producers: Amo Jr. and Franz Schedlbauer; Released: March 18, 2022

Embarking on a journey of healing, forgiveness and self-acceptance as they contend with their pastm and encourage the person they love to be honest about their feelings, is one of life’s most important moments. Hamburg, Germany-based singer-songwriter Amo Jr. (the stage name of Fidelis Amo-Antwi) explores that experience in his new blues-folk-indie pop single, ‘Emotions.’ On the track, whose accompanying music video was released on March 17, he expresses his personal struggles and triumphs, while also offering encouragement to his listeners.

As on all of his tunes, ‘Emotions’ features Amo Jr. continuing his signature unique songwriting style by utilizing a vulnerable vocal and lyrical approach. As a result, the new song ultimately blends the musician’s natural charisma with his nonchalant honesty and courageous expression in his smooth vocals, heartfelt lyrics and serene instrumentation.

‘Emotions,’ which is similar in nature to tracks created by Michael Kiwanuka and Tracy Chapman, was amazingly written almost instantaneously in the studio. The songwriter’s effortless creation of the track was powerfully translated into its music video, which features him emotionally playing the piano as he records his vocals.

The musical production scenes are also powerfully blended together with shots of Amo Jr. walking alone through a forest, as he nostalgically reflects on his connection with the person he loves and wants to be completely honest with in their relationship. He also offers vulnerable facial expressions as he contemplates his need to further connect with the person he loves.

In soulful tenor vocals, which are set against a striking and soulful blend of the sax, piano, flute and drums, the singer declares that all he needs is the person he loves, but he’s upset they’re still a mystery to him. He urges them to show him their emotions if they want him to stay in their life, as he doesn’t want them to have secrets anymore.

Amo Jr. tries to hold onto the person he loves as he reveals that he finally found a way to deal with his past and personal demons, and whom he wants to be in the present and future. He also emotionally adds that he no longer wants to hide from the truth.

The singer-songwriter’s smooth, vulnerable vocals and heartfelt lyrics throughout ‘Emotions’ and its accompanying music video lead his listeners on a journey of healing, forgiveness and self-acceptance. Through his courageous honesty in the track’s lyrics and fearless expressions throughout its video, his latest ballad is a multi-dimensional, evocative exploration into both personal and relationship struggles and triumphs.

For more information on Amo Jr., visit his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Bandcamp, SoundCloud and YouTube pages.

The cover for singer-songwriter Amo Jr. ‘s blues-folk-indie pop single, ‘Emotions.’

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