Retired United States Army lieutenant general, Michael Flynn is endorsing James Bradley during the current 2022 California state senate race. Filmon TV released a video on its YouTube channel today that Flynn took while he was in an airport and preparing to travel across the U.S. During the video, he once shared his support for the Republican Party’s California senate candidate.

In the video, he stated that he wanted to share information with the American people about what’s happening to the country. In order to help the U.S. return to its former glory, Flynn, who also served as the 25th U.S. National Security Advisor during President Donald Trump’s administration, said he’s “fully and wholeheartedly supporting James Bradley to be the next United States Senator from the great state of California.

“Everyone knows what’s happening out in California; it’s like a communist, socialist, Marxist takeover, and we cannot stand for this illegal invasion of our country by…I think we’re upwards of three million (people) from 151 countries,” Flynn continued. He added that he thinks “this downward spiral into communism that everyone sees and feels, (as well as) rising inflation that they cannot hide from” needs to be fixed.

“Leaders like James Bradley (have) been helping out the people of California in all sorts of ways, (including) the political battle front, and fighting as a businessman and entrepreneur. James isn’t waiting, like others, to get into office to save our nation; he’s doing it right now,” the military veteran added.

“He’s also been saving our disabled homeless veterans (by) moving them onto the (West Los Angeles) Soldiers Home grounds. James has been on the frontlines of that particular fight, as well as many others,” Flynn also noted.

“James, with his team, is also stopping these unconstitutional mandates that we have as bills that are being ratified into law. They’re going to use every legal means available to bring justice” to the people of California, the former lieutenant general continued. “James has the backing of law enforcement, the faith community and many citizens of California.

Flynn ended the video by saying: “I’m proud to support and endorse James. He’s bringing the needed changes to save our great changes today…So join me in supporting James in fighting communism in California and our nation. Tell your family, friends, neighbors and business colleagues to vote and donate to James Bradley as United States senator in this upcoming election.”

Bradley is a centrist Republican who’s determined to defeat his Democratic opponent, Alex Padilla, in the senate race. Padilla currently occupies the Senate seat formerly held by Kamala Harris before she was elected to be America’s current vice president in 2020.

Padilla was appointed by disgraced California Governor Gavin Newsom to serve the duration of Harris’ term, until the general election is held this November. Governor Newsom is facing a popular recall campaign, which has been fueled by anger over strict lockdowns that have killed businesses across the state.

As a Coast Guard veteran, Bradley is also particularly sensitive to the plight of veterans. “The VA in Los Angeles treats our disabled veterans no better than disposable napkins, to be used and tossed aside,” he has said. He has spent many hours listening to the stories of veterans who have been systematically pushed out of housing at the West Los Angeles Soldiers Home to serve the agenda of political elites and their supporters.

“They say absolute power corrupts absolutely. That’s the situation we have here in California. Our leaders should serve the people, not just machine politicians and their cronies,” Bradley added.

In addition to fighting election fraud and helping veterans, Bradley’s senate campaign is driven by such key topics as bringing transparency to government and enforcing term limits. For more information on his 2022 California state senate campaign, visit Bradley’s official campaign website.

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