Celebrities are normal people too and are entitled to their own opinions which sometimes land them in a precarious situation. Being in the public eye their feuds tend to go viral instantly. Sometimes these feuds get overly entertaining for the public, with intricate details coming out, enemies becoming friends and friends turning on each other, secrets being exposed and much more.

FilmOn TV has taken the entertainment to next level by launching celebrity beef channels, channels which showcase all the major celebrity feuds and beefs over the years. The sole aim of the channels is to provide entertainment. For some of the most epic celebrity feuds log onto FilmOn TV.

Celebrity feuds such between Kanye West and Taylor Swift, love them or hate them but they got the world talking about them. Will Smith and Chris Rock, this one is one that left quite a few of divided, watch it here. Many more popular Celebrity beefs are available on FilmOn TV.

Apart from this, FilmOn TV also provides access to more than 600+ Live TV Channels from around the world and an extensive library of VOD movies. No matter where you are in the world, watch your favourite Channels, Movies, TV shows live or record them and watch later.

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Whether you are into British Dramas or American Comedies, from Crime thriller to Romantic movies, from the most respected News Channels from around the globe to live matches FilmOn TV has it all. FilmOn TV also has a number of channels focussing on lifestyle and wellness and has access to a Subscription of the Swissx NFT Club, providing access to their NFT Content along with the popular and sought after Swissx TV Wellness Box curated with Swissx goodies.

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FilmOn TV provides one of the finest online television viewing experiences alongside being a social television. Be social while watching your favourite TV shows or live matches, discuss with your friends or just share your point of view with the rest of the viewers, bringing everyone closer and starting the discussion. Watch Live TV on FilmOn on web or on an android or iOS App. Live TV channels from UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, and rest of the world are available on FilmOn TV.

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