Band: Bomb Cats; Musicians: Chris Farrell: Guitar and vocals; Russ Webster: Bass and vocals; James Williams: Lead guitar; and Colin Nulty: Drums

EP: ‘Third Street Melody;’ Released: June 3, 2022

The most successful, influential musicians are often those who can combine their distinct homage to their influences with their own distinct, unique style in their songwriting, vocals and instrumentation. That’s certainly the case for the Indianapolis-based punk rock quartet, Bomb Cats, which infused their equally gritty and catchy styles on their newly released EP, ‘Third Street Melody.’

The band’s signature sound comes from their dedication to a lineage of legendary punk and rock bands, notably The Ramones, Social Distortion, Thin Lizzy and X. The Bomb Cats’ sound honors the musical traditions of the punk rock subgenre throughout their latest album’s raw, original five tracks, which showcase their no-frills take on rock-n-roll.

While a departure from their previous songs, the group’s latest record maintains their polished control over their lyrics, vocals and instrumentation. ‘Third Street Melody’ begins with its title track, which is driven by shimmering suspended guitar strums and whirlwind drum beats that create a memorizing texture throughout the narrative. Influenced in part by The E Street Band, Tom Petty and The Ramones’s signature sounds, Bomb Cats’ singer, Chris Farrell infuses the tune with retro-flavored vocals, which makes it a classic all-American rebel anthem for modern listeners.

The middle entry on the EP, ‘Dance Miss D,’ continues the quartet’s signature sound, particularly growling guitars that exude hints of stylish Southern rock and snarling punk. The equally alluring and seductive overall instrumentation and vocals completely immerses listeners in Farrell and his bandmates’ passionate declarations of the importance of people pursuing their own goals and aspirations.

‘Three Street Melody’ winds down with its final entry, ‘Flesh Fiend,’ which stays true to Bomb Cats’ signature punk rock roots, but in a more subdued and classical vocal and instrumental approach. in the genre. Inspired in part by Iggy Pop but in his post-Stooges career, the song features more calming, controlled vocals and instrumentation. Driven by more muted guitar strumming, drum beats and vocals than its predecessors, the track is the perfect culmination of punk, rock and pop anthems that emotionally chronicle the trials and tribulations of current day society.

The members of Bomb Cats once again prove they can pay tribute to their musical influences while also expressing their own personal thoughts on the challenges of modern culture on ‘Third Street Melody.’ The punk rock quartet’s newly released EP features their signature classic rock-n-roll vocals and instrumentation, which showcases their distinct musicality and celebration of all types of music’s ability to bring people together.

For more information on Bomb Cats, visit the band’s official website, as well as its Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Bandcamp and YouTube pages.

The cover for Bomb Cats’ punk rock EP, ‘Third Street Melody.’

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