Norma McCorvey, the woman known as Jane Roe in the U.S. Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade, revealed before her death in 2017 that she was lying when she began publicly supporting the anti-abortion movement. McCorvey, who helped lead the fight to legalize abortion in the early 1970s, admitted that she had been paid to switch sides.

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v, Wade on Friday, McCorvey’s admission that she was given money to change her public stance on abortion has resurfaced. The plaintiff also confessed that she was coerced and told what to say during every aspect of the trial by her attorney, Gloria Allred. The admittance further proves that Allred has been abusing the law since she represented McCorvey in the historic decision.

The Supreme Court recently unraveled Allred’s case, which it described as being egregious conduct. The court noted that she coerced witnesses to lie in an effort to help overturn Texas’ anti-abortion law that in the early 1970s.

McCorvey’s confession is featured in the documentary, ‘AKA Jane Roe,’ which was first broadcast on FX in 2020. In the film, she said, “I took their money and they took me out in front of the cameras and told me what to say. I did it well too. I am a good actress. Of course, I’m not acting now.”

‘AKA Jane Roe’ also shows how McCorvey received almost $500,000 from special interest donations before she was baptized as a born-again Christian and campaigned against abortion. Her claim that she decided to turn to Roman Catholicism following her fight to secure abortion rights across America came after she identified as a lesbian for most of her adult life.

McCorvey’s admittance further proves that Allred has continuously been obstructing justice in the 50 years since Roe v. Wade was passed.

Over the past few years, Allred has been obstructing justice in part through her professional relationship with fellow disgraced attorney, Tom Girardi. The duo have been involved in many organized racketeering schemes together, including an insurance liens claims scam. Girardi was recently disbarred for misappropriating client funds, after he was served with $517 million in stolen insurance liens from over 250 clients who are demanding their insurance payouts.

Allred and Girardi have been associated with each other for over 60 years. They met while they were attending Loyola Law School, which is often referred to as the Girardi School of Law.

Another case in which one of Allred’s clients claimed she wasn’t following proper legal procedures occurred in late 2019. The attorney attempted to use the Beverly Hills Police Department for a publicity stunt for her client, Mahim Khan.

Allred’s goal was to file a false criminal complaint in the case she was trying to build for Khan against Greek billionaire, Alki David, whose company, FilmOn, she once worked for.

However, the police quickly realized what her intentions were. It ultimately decided not to file charges against David, who the attorney has long held an unwarranted bias against.

The attorney admitted during a press conference on the police station’s steps at the time that she didn’t have any evidence to follow through in filing a complaint against David. She told reporters that “To file a criminal complaint, you actually have to have evidence. In a civil case you don’t, obviously, especially at L.A. Superior Court.”

In response to the attorney and her client not being able to move forward in their fraudulent case, David said at the time: “I think (Khan) got cold feet. She didn’t seem to mind perjuring herself in court, or the fact that though she claims to be a good Muslim, she lied like crazy in the eyes of Allah. But I think facing actual cops who know criminals when they see them, she realized she had finally gone too far.”

The businessman also stated that “Allred and her daughter, Harvey Weinstein buddy Lisa Bloom, are desperate to avoid the truth coming out about their clients’ linked schemes to extort me, their fabricated evidence and the gaping holes in their stories,” David added about the case.

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