Popular British Crime Drama Midsomer Murders revolves around Detective Barnaby and his partner solving murders in the picturesque English County of Midsomer. It is a light-hearted crime drama with humour, quirkiness, and good banter. Barnaby is methodical, fair, and always finds a personal connection while solving the mystery. It is entertaining, engrossing and keeps you on your toes trying to solve the mystery.

This episode of Midsomer Murders can be viewed on FilmOn TV at 21:00pm GMT today. It can be viewed then or recorded and viewed later. Record your favourite TV programs if you don’t have time to watch them live and enjoy them later at your own convenience.

In this episode, the forest ranger is blinded by lights at night. Soon her abandoned car is found by the villagers, her body is also discovered at a little distance to the car. The UFO spotters of the village blame it all on aliens and UFO. Barnaby and Nelson get to the root of the case and unearth suspicions,  lies and long buried secrets.

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