People have learned over the past few years all too well how an international pandemic can alter their sense of reality when they’re unable to see each other in real life. But their sense of existence is also quickly being altered on the one thing that has kept them connected during the current health crisis – technology – in the new horror thriller, ‘Red River Road.’

The film is now playing on digital platforms, courtesy of Gravitas Ventures. In honor of the drama’s release this week, ShockYa is premiering an exclusive clip from the feature, which is titled ‘The Dog is Spooked.’ The clip features actress Jade Schuyler’s character of Anna as she’s gardening in her yard. She then goes back inside her home, where she witnesses the family’s titular dog growling at an unseen force.

‘Red River Road’ follows Anna’s family of four that’s isolating against a global pandemic that spreads through the internet and robs a person of their ability to perceive reality, often with violent results. Their reality begins to unravel when they suspect that one, or all, of them may be infected.

Besides Jade, the movie also stars Shaw, Quinn and Paul, the latter of whom also served as the feature’s writer, director, cinematographer and editor. Paul and Jade also served as producers on ‘Red River Road,’ which was shot under COVID lockdown.

For more information on ‘Red River Road,’ visit its official website.

Actress Jade Schuyler stars in writer-director Paul Schuyler’s action thriller, ‘Red River Road.’
'Red River Road' Film Clip - 'The Dog is Spooked'
'Red River Road' Film Clip - 'The Dog is Spooked'

ShockYa is premiering an exclusive clip from writer-director Paul Schuyler's action thriller, 'Red River Road,' which is titled 'The Dog is Spooked,' and features actress Jade Schuyler.

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