Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne is reaffirming his commitment to help the citizens he serves as the Caribbean nation celebrates its Independence Day today, November 1. The Commonwealth country, which is also known as Wadadli by the native population, is commemorating the 41st anniversary of it gaining freedom from Britain in 1981.

In honor of Antigua and Barbuda’s Independence Day, as well as heralding a new age in the country, the political leader has met with billionaire businessman, Alki David to discuss several important topics. One of the most essential topics the duo talked about was fighting back against the challenges of climate change throughout the Caribbean island nation.

David, who owns such companies as Swissx and Filmon, spoke to Prime Minister Browne about how important it is for him to make a Climate Emergency Declaration, before or at United Nations Climate Change Conference (more commonly referred to as COP27), which will be held Sunday, November 6–Friday, November 18. The businessman drafted such a declaration and shared it with the political leader.

In conjunction with the declaration, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate (IPCC) issued a special report, the Climate Emergency Resolution, on global warning and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions well before 2030 to hold warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. The report also states the need to avoid the most catastrophic impacts of climate change, which may still be possible with ambitious action from national authorities, civil society, the private sector, indigenous peoples and local communities.

Antigua and Barbuda’s new Climate Emergency Resolution declares a climate emergency and requests immediate action to address the country’s climate crisis and limit global warming.

The resolution acknowledges that climate change is an urgent crisis that presents a serious threat to global stability and human existence. With the current pace and scale of climate change, it notes that there’s not enough sufficient action to avert substantial damage to the environment.

While the country’s government is developing plans to reduce emissions, its citizens will continue to suffer impacts of climate change, in terms of natural disasters, and making basic human necessities, such as food, housing and healthcare, more expensive and difficult to obtain. As a result, the resolution is urging the government to examine the climate impacts of all future decisions that are positive for the environment and biodiversity. The resolution also proposes that the government works on climate mitigation to continue advancing climate adaptation efforts to address unavoidable current and future climate change impacts.

To also help improve not only the quality of life for the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda, but also international tourists who wish to visit the country, David is encouraging Prime Minister Browne to visit and endorse Swissx Island’s Wellness Retreat. Swissx Island is set on 37 acres of designed tropical gardens directly at the beach at one of Antigua’s finest resorts.

Visitors can relax, indulge in plant based therapies, exercise and spiritually awaken themselves. Swissx Island offers multiple packages to choose from, including one-week Spiritual Awakenings to a 10-day Spirit Adventure and a two-week Shamanic Vision Quest. Swiss Island Retreat believes in holistic wellness, and visitors can experience a complete transformation from within.

Watch David welcome Prime Minister Browne to Swissx Island’s Wellness Retreat in Antigua and Barbuda on David’s Instagram page.

Besides working with Prime Minister Browne on reversing the damage of climate change throughout Antigua and Barbuda, as well as embracing the benefits of the retreat packages offered at Swissx Island, the duo is also committed to improving the educational opportunities for the country’s residents. So through the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Fund, he has authorized the country’s Board of Education to partner with diplomatic allies, global organizations and private philanthropists to facilitate hundreds of scholarship opportunities for nationals every year.

The political leader is currently offering economic aid to five students from Antigua and Barbuda who are interested in studying law in the U.S. The students will each receive a scholarship to American Heritage Law School in California, in association with Swissx, David’s CBD wellness brand. All applicants must apply for the scholarship to the Los Angeles-based law school on Swissx’s official website.

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