The stage is set for the 11th Annual Raggae on the Mountain Festival now Live in Santa Barbara Oak Campground with amazing music, art, camping and wellness.  The festival will see performances from legends such as Marlon Asher, Ziggy Marley, Steel Pulse, KY Mani Marley, Don Carlos, Groundation, YellowMan, Natali Rize, Prezident Brown amongst many others.  Amazing music, yoga & wellness, Art & Culture along with amazing Food, Drinks and Camping, Reggae on the Mountain has it all! With VIP Cabanas, car camping, glamping, RV Camping to get the immersive festival experience.

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The festival is sponsored by Swissx. Swissx Island is the only transformational retreat, where it is promised that in 15 minutes you will receive 15 years of therapy or your money back, Guaranteed.

Swissx Island is based in the Caribbean Island of Antigua, Founded by Alki David. Swissx Island medical treatment facility and Shamanic rituals are held in RastaLand at the University of Natural Sciences.

The doctors include Harvard educated men and women whose desire to heal mental health is the primary purpose. It has many glorious members who have set up concessions at Swissx Island including Floyd Mayweather Boxing and Fitness. 

Membership is free.

For subscriptions and member goodies from Swissx Island please review the packages available to the members.Such as our Ganja Farmer pack from Marlon Asher who is performing right here at Reggae on the mountain.

Here are the packages if you wish to come to Swissx Island.



$5,000 USD

Perfect for first-time guests and spiritual travellers seeking respite from day-to-day existence. Rest, relax, and awaken your physical and spiritual senses!

A 1-week all-inclusive stay in a premium semi-detached Seaview Bungalow World-class spa, pampering & 24-hour concierge services Fresh, locally sourced, organic high cuisine dining and refreshments

3 days of life-changing guided shamanic and entheogenic awakening



$9,000 USD

Leave the regular world behind for 10 days of tropical pampering, spiritual and entheogenic exploration you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Everything in Silver, plus…

10 glorious days in your own semi-detached Seaview Bungalow Your choice of private yoga, fitness training, nutritional or lifestyle coaching Additional days of shamanic and entheogenic exploration



18,000 USD

The ultimate escape for global travellers and spiritual warriors in search of a luxurious tropical experience, and life-changing spiritual enlightenment.

Everything in Silver & Gold, plus…

Your own private Beachfront Club Bungalow with dramatic views of the Caribbean Ample time for shamanic and entheogenic exploration and self-discovery.

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