U.S. Senate candidate Ronda Kennedy is defeating her detractors in her pursuit to protect her fellow citizens in her home state of Nevada. The government official hopeful recently returned to the political talk show she once served as a panelist on, ‘Veterans In Politics,’ to speak with her former co-host, Steve Sanson.

Despite Sanson’s unwarranted hostility towards his guest and inappropriate and biased questioning of her character, Kennedy succeeded in her goal to highlight the reasons why Nevada residents should vote for her. “I want to talk about what I did for the gun stores and what I did for the business during COVID,” she said, which she certainly did during the interview. Sanson only proved that he’s a low class journalist on a politically bias show.

Text message between Ronda Kennedy and Steve Sanson before the show

Kennedy, who hired conservative advocate/author Dr. Chuck “You” Muth to run her Senate campaign, relates to her constituents, as she’s a married mother to six children. She also has knowledge of the law on her side while she advocates for her fellow residents, as she earned her law degree in 2014 from the State of California.

Using her legal experience, Kennedy defended several businesses, including gun stores, that were shut down during COVID. She fought on their behalf to keep their doors open during the height of the pandemic.

Sanson, however, was intimated by how strong-willed his former co-host is, and proved what an anti-feminist he is when he gleefully agitated Kennedy during the interview. She stood up for herself and defended her beliefs when she responded to his judgmental, combative questions with authoritative, compelling responses.

During the interview, Kennedy also stopped Sanson in his tracks when he tried to question her connection to, and how long she’s lived in, Nevada. Unlike other candidates, Kennedy wasn’t afraid to discuss how she lived in a different state than the one she’s currently campaigning in; she lived in California from 2010 to last summer.

Kennedy also shared that she ran three times for office while residing in California; she led two Congressional campaigns in two different districts, and once for a California State Assembly seat. She also noted how President Trump endorsed her for her 2020 Congressional campaign, which proves that even one of the most powerful politicians in American history has faith in the way she champions for the rights of both businesses and citizens.

When Sanson offered a low blow to her personal life, Kennedy proved her dedication to her adopted home of Nevada. He questioned why she left Wisconsin, after she was born and raised there, and didn’t move to Nevada until she was in her late 20s. She moved to Nevada in 2010 and for 10 years, and just moved back in September.

Kennedy has also proved how strong she is when she recounted the pain behind why she left Wisconsin. She found the courage to get away from her abusive ex-husband, who was arrested for her attempted murder. As a result, the U.S. Senate candidate will do whatever it takes to defeat toxic men like her ex-husband and Sanson, who refuse to take her physical and emotional well-being into consideration, and push her – both mentally and emotionally – until they get what they want.

The U.S. Senate candidate also discussed during the interview that she decided to moved back to Nevada from California to protect her children. She’s standing up for parents and children’s right to choose what kind of health care they wish to pursue, as California is going to force children to receive COVID vaccinations. She also noted that Child Protective Services can potentially take children if parents don’t subject their kids to the vaccine. 

Michael Flynn, Trump’s Former National Security Advisor Endorses Ronda Kennedy

Kennedy also fought back against vile people like Sanson who accuse her of being a carpetbagger. The Black candidate pointed out that “carpetbagger is a racist term” that’s being used to hold her back from winning the election. The term is offensive and derogatory to her as she’s a direct descendant of slaves and is offended by the term.

Sanson further proved that he has no sense of respect or grace towards other people when he asked Kennedy if she thinks her race and gender are going to be the reason why she wins the election. She fired back: “People are going to vote for me because I am Ronda Kennedy and I get sh*t done.”

Further speaking about race, Kennedy had the courage to point out that “this Red State should do more to recruit Blacks and minorities to the Republican Party.” She believes there’s a recruitment problem in the Nevada Republican Party, which is why there aren’t many people of color in the party.

Sanson and his co-host, Jim Jonas are so ignorant that they couldn’t even say how many Black female Republican elected officials there are in the state of Nevada. Kennedy, however, once again proves how powerful she is by mentioning that she has many voters of all races in the west side of Las Vegas and the Tahoe area ready to vote for her and other Black female Republican candidates.

Kennedy knows what issues are the most important to her fellow residents. She believes in securing the border against the countries that serve the biggest threat to America. Those countries include China, which she believes is responsible for pushing fentanyl into the U.S. She also noted that Mexico is the gateway for illegal immigrants to come into America.

Another topic that Kennedy is passionate about is the Keystone Pipeline. When asked if she believes that eliminating the pipeline was a mistake by the Biden Administration, she noted that the policy is the reason why our gas prices are so high. She also thinks President Trump made the right decision to have the U.S. be energy independent.

Kennedy also noted that as a Senator representing the State of Nevada, she would support veterans’ rights and created more jobs. She also said that the economy is the most important issue in Nevada, as people are still recovering from COVID. She believes in supporting equal opportunity for minority-owned businesses.

Kennedy also appealed to voters by agreeing with term limits, in an effort to restrict an elected official’s power. She believes that all government leaders should only serve two terms.

Sanson ultimately proved how conniving he really is when he engaged in what he wanted to present as a friendly text message chain with Kennedy just a week before the interview was released. She initiated the conversation by saying, “Just wanted to say Hi to my buddy. How have you been?”

In response, the talk show host said: “Hi buddy…my sister. We need to go out for lunch.” The Senate hopeful responded: “Yes give me a date and time…I miss hanging.” Sanson answered: “How about Sunday?,” to which Kennedy agreed: “Ok that works.”

Sanson setup this interview, and posed his questions in hopes to degrade Mrs. Kennedy. His disguised intent was to garner support and votes for her opposition Stephanie L Philips, a Nevada-based real estate broker with no political experience.

While the realtor has over 20 years of real estate experience and is a long time resident of Las Vegas, she’s clearly not qualified to serve her fellow residents in Nevada.

Kennedy showed class in fighting Sanson and Jonas’ combative, argumentative and skeptical attitudes toward her campaign. As a working mother who’s determined to protect her fellow residents, including children, minorities and veterans, and amp up the economy by offering equal opportunities to small businesses, she represent her state’s best interests.

Ronda Kennedy, Commom Sense Conservative, Defending our Freedom

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