UPDATE: Tom Girardi and Erika Jayne and other Comcast Employees Indicted on Fraud Charges.

Open Letter: Judge Priscilla Owen Richman – 5th Ciruit Court of Appeals Texas: Your Honor, It is with great heart that we have our case before your Honor. The case is 3:23-cv-00108, David et al. v. Girardi et al.; is a lawsuit that is before your Court. This incredible miscarriage of Justice that my family and employees and I have personally endured since has gone on since 2010.

Despite our Texas attorney’s advice, we apologize in advance if publishing this article in any way offends you or the sacred Texas Courts.

Since 2015 four of our lawyers have systematically died and one a former California State Bar executive is now in hiding in Arizona afraid for his life and dying of cancer. Rebecca Rini, Barry Rothman, John Quirk and Phil Kay (see amicus curai)

I personally have been wrongfully targeted arrested and dragged out of my Malibu home without search warrants or orders to do so; On a corrupt parking violation on my own property!

Please understand that we have all suffered and I have been intimidated by the by the local FBI as well as the Secret Service! We have in fact been trying to naively get them interested in our cases for several years. The unfettered obstruction of justice being dished out by the corrupted Girardi Network of Judges and Lawyers is so vast in LA, that we find ourselves in a proverbial “kill or be killed” situation and do not have the luxury of decorum -please see video also below

The LA Times recently reported how the head of the FBI stays silent over his mother cash and property bribes given to her by Tom Girardi.

Gavin Newsom Appears on Comcast’s Housewives Show About How Tom Girardi is a Great Donor to Democratic Politiccs

In November the State Bar of California issued this Open letter apologizing for the damage Tom Girardi’s Hollywood Crime Syndicate has done to the Public.

Girardi himself accused me of a rape that never happened. In fact the accuser recanted. There is irrefutable evidence that this was set up by the Girardi Network and “Jane Dough” is now hiding in the middle east where she is from. Girardi through Gloria Allred, Lisa Bloom and Michael Avanattti (now serving 14 years) have targeted me and others for years.

Chastity Jones with ex-Boyfriend R Kelly at the center of this legal debacle in Texas Wheres Jones lives and conducts the Gang’s criminal activity

The LA Times’ extensive expose calls out the “Epic Corruption of Girardi Judges” and former California Supreme Court Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye called for judicial reform.‘Shocking’ Tom Girardi scandal shows need for legal reforms, California chief justice says

I like many others in Los Angeles are targeted for our personal wealth or the value of our companies and intellectual properties. And I am not alone. My supporters include Alan Dershowitz (our legal counsel) Me Too poster child Rose McGowan, 50 Cent, Chris Brown and hotelier Steve Wynn of Las Vegas. All of whom have suffered at the hands of the Comcast goon lawyers.

Gloria Allred and daughter Lisa Bloom with Alki David (me) Kato Kaelin in the Dr Drew Show on HLN

In 13 years of fighting the Hollywood Media Cartel currently headed by Gavin Newsom and Tom Girardi on behalf of their employers Comcast Ventures, a China owned and operated Corporation. Despite the Gang’s attempts to railroad our Companies, we have made some headway in Defending ourselves from overwhelming Corporate and Personal Defamation. FilmOn V DoubleVerify (A Comcast Company)

Tom Girardi and Gloria Allred as you may know funded millions of dollars of donations to the Democratic party of California from ill gotten funds derived from four decades of scamming insurance liens as well as Cartel funded lawsuits targeting rich individuals and corporations.

Please note that Comcast lawyer Gloria Allred is the same lawyer who bribed created and funded the fictitious Jane Roe (deathbed confession) in the now overturned Roe Vs Wade case. Allred and Girardi go back decades to Loyola Law School in Hollywood. Our whistleblowers includes Rep Adam Schiff’s former campaign manager and Tom Girardi and Gloria Allred’s former  litigation partner.

It is by divine intervention that our case has ended up in front of you. Only a Judge of your stature and ethics should review this lawsuit.  you will see how this case will have impact on the entire Country and how the News and Entertainment narrative is delivered.

Hollywood RICO Lawsuit in Texas Exposes Governor Gavin Newsom & Tom Girardi California State Bar Scam


TVMix reports Hollywood Media Mogul Alki David Calls on Congressman Steve Scalise To Hold Emergency Whistle Blower Hearings

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