“Judge Elwood Lui’s opinion of me is fabricated. I was never there!” said Shoefield a former employee of Media Mogul Alki David

Justice Elwood Lui of the LA Superior who has two sons also Judges in the LA Superior court, has been caught faking testimony in in an highly contentious trial so that Lui could himself benefit from a piece of a $54 Million dollar judgement.

“Mr. Shoefield was never called to Court to testify

Mr. Shoefield did not provide testimony relating to his ex-assistant, Mahim Kahn who he considers a “despicable liar”

Insert – Opinion from Elwood Lui.

“my due process was wrongfully and illegally taken away from me by Judge Michelle Williams-Court”

Attorney Ellyn Garofalo representing David at the time said “Williams-Court did not allow Mr David witnesses, rebuttals or any due process nor that of his companies which I was representing at the time”

Girardi-Judge Michelle Williams-Court was fast tracked to the Superior Court of LA by Tom Girardi’s “mini-bar”

“Williams Court made many wrongful decisions, ignored irrefutable evidence of witness tampering and falsification of Ellyn Garofalo’s signature in one specific instance that was documented by Garofallo and her team” said Attorney Amir Kaltgard who was working with Garofalo at the time.

Whistleblower  testimony asserts that Gloria Allred then arranged Tom Girardi to fast track Williams-Court’s application to the Judiciary; despite her two previous failed attempts to become a Judge. Williams-Court is herself also a known Girardi Judge and was exposed by this TV MIX article when she originally went to see Gloria Allred because her husband was beating her.

Gloria Allred and Tom Girardi both graduated of Loyola Law Hollywood along with Judge Victoria Chavez also sitting in with Elwood Lui,

Chavez is a former business partner with Yolanda Orozco and a graduate of Loyola Law in Hollywood CA, with Tom Girardi.

Orozco who many including former partners of hers; call her “Money Launderer In Chief”

Girardi  Judge Yolanda Orozco has retired 10 years early next month after being exposed by Shockya and TVMix as money-launderer in Chief for the Girardi Network,. Orozco was responsioble for keeping Girardi and Sheriff Lee Baca in business during the peak of the Girardi Network’s criminality from 2000 to 2017

“The Money Launderer In Chief”

Why the report should not be published?

Everything else related to the case has been. Especially the two time order to NOT PUBLISH to the public.

Tom Girardi accused Alki David of wrongdoings that the alleged victim has since recanted

The judgement itself has been contested for years by media mogul Alki David who claims that the plaintiff Mahim Kahn lied and collaborated with Gloria Allred and her daughter Lisa Bloom to create fake me too cases against the likes of David.

In November the State Bar of California issued this Open letter apologizing for the damage Tom Girardi’s Hollywood Crime Syndicate has done to the Public.

Alki David said “Girardi himself accused me of a rape that never happened. In fact the accuser recanted. There is irrefutable evidence that this was set up by the Girardi Network and “Jane Dough” is now hiding in the middle east where she is from.

Girardi through Gloria Allred, Lisa Bloom and Michael Avanattti (now serving 14 years) have targeted me and others for years.”

“Others affected by the same gang of criminals include performer Rose McGowan, Steve Wynn, 50 Cent and many others targetted in Hollywood” said David who the LA Times dubbed as the self appointed ambassador for Wronged Men of the Me Too Movement”

Elwood Lui has been the focus of scandal before as per the LA Times article of 2019 where another Judge, called Judge Johnson contends that Lui, who was investigating a sexual harassment allegation, violated Johnson’s privacy rights and that the mass email encouraged many of the women now alleging sexual harassment to view past interactions with him in a negative light. The suit seeks $10 million in compensation from Lui’s activities.

The judgement was affirmed by Judges Chavez and Hoffstaddt. An important note is that Victoria Chavez a longtime associate of Tom Girardi’s is also a former law practice partner with one Judge Yolanda Orozco, who was formerly Managing Partner at Jones Day Los Angeles.

“Yolanda Orozco who is retiring early next month from the bench has committed many wrongful acts as a judge in attempting to extort me” said David. She recused herself the day she bounced my suit to another Girardi Judge called Thomas Falls, in Pomona CA. Falls went on to incacerate David for 6 days in county Jail for contempt in refusing to answer Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom’s questions. David was wrongfully kept by one day in the horrendous conditions ion LA County Jail.

The LA Times’ extensive expose calls out the “Epic Corruption of Girardi Judges” and former California Supreme Court Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye called for judicial reform.‘Shocking’ Tom Girardi scandal shows need for legal reforms, California chief justice says

The LA Times recently reported how the head of the FBI stays silent over his mother cash and property bribes given to her by Tom Girardi.

Gavin Newsom Appears on Comcast’s Housewives Show About How Tom Girardi is a Great Donor to Democratic Politics

Elwood Lui was appointed by the Chief Justice as the Administrative Presiding Justice of the Court of Appeal, second Appellate District in January 2018. He served as an Associate Justice in Division One from July 2015 until his confirmation as a Presiding Justice of Division Two in December 2017.


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