Shocking details that Los Angeles Times reporter Matt Hamilton has targetted Tom Girardi and his wife Comcast Star Erika Jayne but refuses to report on the really nasty facts behind the whole Girardi and Gavin Newsom State Bar Crime Family.

@MattHjourno “journalist” Matt Hamilton

In contentious lawsuits brought against media entrepreneur Alki David; David has often railed about his four murdered lawyers and a fifth, Murray Greenberg; Who is in hiding in fear for his life from the State Bar syndicate.  The same Murray Greenberg that was thrown under the bus in Hamilton’s reporting yesterday.

Alki David has filed three complaints with the California State Bar regarding the manifest malpractice and outright fraud on the court committed by the Media Funded U.S. Based Defendants.  Murray Greenberg in an effort to exonerate himself wrote the third State Bar complaint on behalf of Alki David. Greenberg was summarily threatened and left California.

In the racketeering case of David Vs Girardi, one named Defendant, The State Bar of California entirely failed to even process the complaints, let alone properly address their merits despite Greenberg’s protestations.

Greenberg worked at the State Bar agency for more than 30 years and opted to help Mr. David write a complaint against State Bar in 2019

“In one case, Greenberg instructed a colleague to “make it go away,” according to the report” Reported Hamilton filed yesterday.

Hamilton includes facts like; “Greenberg retired in 2019 and moved to Arizona. He could not be reached for comment”

Why does Hamilton refuse to expose the actual facts behind control and ownership of the State Bar and the Supreme Court of California? We know he knows, we told him!

It seems that Hamilton has been exposing Justices and Lawyers whose usefulness to Governor Gavin Newsom has run its course but not the ones that are really causing mayhem on society, like Jim Towery in Northern California who is known as “Girardi Upstate”.

Gavin Newsom has 100% control of the executive branch of the State Bar and Supreme Court of California.

The actual ownership of the corporation that owns the Supreme Court of California, is in the name of one Ronald George. Forced to retire, Chief Justice George. Retired early for his unmanageable corruption and scandals surrounding murdered lawyer Philip Kay who wrote a compelling amicus brief to one of Mr. David’s whistleblowers.

Amazingly Murray Greenberg also helped Phil Kay in his writings. This is the real hero Matt. Why not tell the truth Matt?



By Grady Owen

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