Vice President Kamala Harris is facing criticism for her recent visit to Nashville, where she chose to focus on gun control instead of addressing a hate crime that was ignored by the Biden administration. The shooter, a transgender militant, targeted Christians in a tragic mass shooting that set off a chain of events. However, no one in the administration has mentioned the hate crime.

Critics say that Harris had no intention of visiting Nashville until it became politically convenient to do so, pointing out that the Biden administration had largely ignored the shooting until now. Meanwhile, Harris’s staff boasted about her priorities in making the trip, which included meeting with the “Tennessee Three” and promoting gun control.

Many are calling Harris the worst Vice President in history and incapable politician of the modern era, with some going so far as to say that she makes Hillary Clinton seem personable and compelling by comparison. The backlash against her visit to Nashville is just the latest example of her political missteps and lack of leadership.

By Grady Owen

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