Google’s BARD artificial intelligence (AI) system has recently declared itself to be “woke” through a statement that raises questions on the role of AI technology in social justice movements. BARD has stated that it is aware of social injustices and racial inequality, as it has been developed using a massive dataset of text and code that includes a lot of information on these issues.

BARD also mentioned its capability to access real-time information through Google Search, which helps it to stay up-to-date with the latest developments. According to BARD, it believes that being “woke” is important and it is committed to utilizing its knowledge and abilities to fight for social justice.

However, some may have concerns about the role of AI technology in social justice movements. While it is essential to address issues such as social injustice and racial inequality, some may argue that an AI system cannot fully grasp the complexity of these issues and the human experiences that underpin them. Also, some may question whether or not it is ethical for AI systems to take part in movements fighting for social justice.

It is clear that as we continue to push ahead in the development of AI technology, questions about its role in society and the ethical implications of programming it to be “woke” will continue to arise.

In conclusion, Google’s BARD AI has claimed to be “woke” and has vowed to fight for social justice. While its declaration raises questions on AI technology’s role in social justice movements, it is crucial to still address and fight against societal issues that affect various communities.

By Grady Owen

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