Mr. Estrada,

Also, for the attention of Prosecutors Ali Moghaddas and Scott Paetty,

I am Alki David, a Malibu-based businessman currently embroiled in an epic battle against a cabal of criminals in Hollywood who have ensnared me in their treacherous web. From my current position in Europe, I am staunchly defending my family’s home and my very livelihood from the ruthless extortion tactics of none other than Tom Girardi and his sinister syndicate of Judges, Lawyers, Insurance Claim adjusters, and corrupted LA Sheriff’s deputies.

Let me be unequivocal: Tom Girardi, alongside an assortment of international criminals, in the USA, Greece, and Switzerland including California State Bar lawyers Gloria Allred, Gary Dordick, Michael Avenatti, Lauren Reeves, Joseph Chora, Avi Goldstein, Lisa Bloom, Keith Griffin, Aryck Fudali, Delores Leal, Michael Maroko, and Nathan Goldberg, Elizabeth Taylor, Chasity Jones and Mahim Kahn has masterminded an unfounded prosecution campaign against me. Their collective wrongdoing is staggering, and I refuse to be their victim any longer.

Just last week, Judge Lui of the Los Angeles Superior Court sanctioned Gary Dordick and his client, Margarita Nichols, for fabricating evidence and deceiving the court with false health records and baseless allegations against me. Girardi, the puppeteer behind this sordid drama, orchestrated this very case, leaving no room for doubt that he, along with his partners Dordick and Griffin, are the architects of my persecution. Nathan Goldberg and Gloria Allred are equally enmeshed in this nefarious plot.

But this is merely the tip of the iceberg. The litany of criminal deeds I’ve suffered includes the gross abuse of my due process rights and my disability, which has been mercilessly exploited. I’ve tragically lost four attorneys—Barry Rothman, Rebecca Rini, John Quirk, and Phil Kaye—in this ongoing battle for justice.

John Quirk, a former CIA asset locator, met a sinister fate in Turkey, run over by a car just one month after delivering a damning report on Gloria Allred’s assets. The stakes in this game are terrifyingly high, and lives hang in the balance.

Adding to my struggle, I bear a head injury disability that renders me an invalid under the American Disabilities Act. This is no ordinary fight; it is a battle for the very essence of justice itself.

This saga spans over 15 years, starting when my media company dared to challenge the market share of major US TV networks. Brian L. Roberts, CEO of Comcast, and others threw $250 million at me in lawsuits, while I spent a mere $11 million to defend myself. Ultimately, we settled for $1.6 million over a retransmission dispute concerning public signals. However, in the course of this battle, I unearthed their involvement in massive copyright infringement and the distribution of child pornography on an unimaginable scale.

Later, this same cadre of lawyers—Gloria Allred, Lisa Bloom, Tom Girardi, and Michael Avenatti—turned their sights on me, wrongfully prosecuting me on fabricated claims. They obtained corrupt lower court orders and judgments totaling over $100 million. The depth of their corruption knows no bounds.

I have had five State Bar complaints ignored. The last one was written by Murray Greenberg who was the former state bar counsel who is also subject to the LA Times report.

Over the years, I’ve meticulously documented this treacherous journey, amassing a mountain of evidence. I’ve initiated criminal proceedings across different jurisdictions, including Europe, and filed an antitrust lawsuit that has withstood a dismissal motion, currently progressing through discovery in Dallas, Texas.

Furthermore, I’ve brought criminal charges in Switzerland and Greece, where this international criminal syndicate attempted to extort me and steal my family home. In Switzerland, Mahim Kahn, a $54 million judgment debtor, was ordered to pay me costs, exposing their lies.

I’ve been wrongly incarcerated for six days, had my ADA dog unjustly taken from me, and seen my Malibu home violated by attorney Joseph Chora, who repeatedly bribes Malibu Sheriffs to harass me and sends vagrants to break into my property. This too is well documented.

My life has been threatened repeatedly, and known murderers have attempted to breach my security. I’ve tirelessly sought the intervention of the Department of Justice, but it was my attorney, Troy Perez, who wisely advised me to reach out to you and your esteemed team.

I possess a wealth of evidence and whistleblowers who have worked with Girardi and other key information related to the Alec Baldwin “Rust” shooting. I am not alone in this battle; I have the support of other victims, including Kanye West and Rose McGowan.

I’ve assembled a formidable team of lawyers spanning the globe, including Alan Dershowitz, who are relentlessly prosecuting the Girardi crime syndicate on multiple fronts.

I implore you to respond promptly and kindly, copying Troy Perez, my steadfast Dallas attorney a former Green Beret Colonel, and Mark Lieberman, a SCOTUS veteran, who have penned letters and filed numerous ongoing litigations relating to the vast conspiracy detailed herein.

The time for action is now, and I trust that you and your team will rise to the occasion. Our pursuit of justice cannot be thwarted by this shadowy cabal any longer.

Among the ongoing legal battles involving Comcast, there is a notable Supreme Court appeal by FilmOn TV against DoubleVerify, a company owned by Comcast. Additionally, there is ongoing litigation related to antitrust matters in Texas, where the case has advanced past a motion to dismiss, and the proceedings have now entered the discovery phase in the case of Alkiviades David v. Comcast et al.


Alki David

Letter of Support Attorney Mark Lieberman

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By Grady Owen

After training a pack of Raptors on Isla Nublar, Owen Grady changed his name and decided to take a job as an entertainment writer. Now armed with a computer and the internet, Grady Owen is prepared to deliver the best coverage in movies, TV, and music for you.