**Los Angeles, CA** – In a shocking turn of events, Alkiviades “Alki” David, a prominent Hollywood entrepreneur, has come forward with incendiary evidence suggesting the existence of a clandestine legal syndicate involving some of the industry’s most high-profile lawyers. This revelation comes in the wake of the mysterious deaths of four attorneys, shedding light on a complex web of alleged corruption, extortion, and fraudulent litigation schemes that have rocked the entertainment industry.

**Barry Rothman’s Mysterious Death**

The saga begins with the perplexing demise of Barry Rothman, who passed away at the age of 73 while undergoing dental treatment in Beverly Hills. An autopsy report listed the cause of death as “Unknown.” According to David, this location holds particular significance as it is alleged to be the epicenter where a group of criminals orchestrated a scam referred to as the “Death of Me Too.”


**Me Too Movement Under Scrutiny**

David’s allegations go further by challenging the origins of the Me Too movement. He claims that the movement, which brought to light numerous cases of sexual harassment and abuse in the entertainment industry, is a figment of the media’s imagination, primarily driven by the media conglomerates Comcast and Viacom.

**Prominent Lawyers Implicated**

One of the most astonishing aspects of David’s revelations is his implicating of renowned legal figures such as Tom Girardi, Gloria Allred, Lisa Bloom, and Mitchell Avenatti. He provides text messages that detail allegations of corruption and unethical practices within their legal careers.

In these TEXT messages provided by Mary Rizzo after the MAHIM KAHN trial in Los ANgeles. MK in the texts refers to Mahim Kahn.

**The Ronald Gottschalk Affidavit**

Central to David’s claims is a sworn affidavit by Ronald Gottschalk, a former attorney who worked with Tom Girardi for a decade. Gottschalk alleges that he earned the nickname “Mr. Do Good” for his commitment to ethical legal practices. He discloses that Girardi brought in attorneys Adam Schiff and Michael Avenatti to open an office in Orange County, California, but he quickly became suspicious of Avenatti’s ethics. Avenatti later lost his license due to fraud-related convictions.

**The Alleged Legal Syndicate**

Gottschalk’s affidavit goes on to assert that Tom Girardi, Gloria Allred, and Lisa Bloom were operating together as part of a syndicate known as the “Girardi, Gloria Allred, Lisa Bloom syndicate.” They allegedly handpicked judges for their cases, ensuring they were “Girardi judges,” and may have bribed them. Clients were allegedly secured for fraudulent litigation schemes.

**Extortion Claims**

The legal syndicate allegedly received contact from individuals, including Elizabeth Taylor, Chasity Jones, Lauren Reeves, and Maxim Kahn, who purportedly targeted and extorted Alki David during his time running FilmOn. The company was known for its provocative content produced in its Beverly Hills studio. David alleges that this gang of extortionists left the company toxic, ultimately drawing the scrutiny of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

**Impact on Alki David’s Companies**

The demands made by these extortionists took a toll on Alki David’s companies, particularly FilmOn, which was poised to go public. However, the alleged actions of this extortion gang cast a shadow over the company, leading to unfavorable attention from the SEC.

**Additional Lawyer Deaths**

David also mentions the deaths of other lawyers, including Rebecca Rini and John Quirk. Rini’s role in establishing FilmOn as a gold standard for streaming TV is highlighted. Quirk’s untimely death occurred while he was investigating Gloria Allred, and he reportedly uncovered hidden financial information before his passing.

**A Global Legal Battle Unfolds**

In response to these allegations, Alki David is embarking on a global legal battle, filing lawsuits in multiple countries, including Switzerland, Greece, England, Antigua, and the United States, seeking justice for what he perceives as a series of wrongdoings.

These explosive allegations have sent shockwaves through Hollywood and the legal community, leaving many wondering whether there is any truth to the claims of a secret legal syndicate operating behind the scenes of the entertainment industry. As investigations continue and legal battles unfold, the entertainment world anxiously awaits answers to these perplexing and potentially game-changing allegations.

  1. Wrongful Incarceration: Mr. David claims that he was unjustly incarcerated by Judge Thomas Falls in Pomona, California. He asserts that his due process rights were trampled upon during his legal proceedings, resulting in an unjust imprisonment. This allegation strikes at the heart of our judicial system, which is built on principles of fairness and justice for all.
  2. Removal of ADA Dog: A deeply troubling claim made by Mr. David is that during his legal proceedings, Judge Falls ordered the removal of his ADA dog, a vital companion that assists him in managing seizures. This action, if substantiated, raises questions about the compassionate treatment of individuals with disabilities within the legal system.
  3. Isolation in LA County Jail: Mr. David alleges that he spent six harrowing nights in isolation at the Los Angeles County jail as punishment for contempt of court. He contends that this punishment was disproportionate and a violation of his fundamental rights. Such claims underscore the importance of humane treatment and adherence to legal procedures.

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By Grady Owen

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