Jake Paul is pulling out all the stops for his upcoming superfight against boxing legend Mike Tyson, slated to take place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on July 20. The YouTube sensation turned boxer is aiming to make a splash in the ring with the “Baddest Man on the Planet” and has extended a special invitation to former President Donald Trump to join the event.

With a record of 9-1, Paul is gearing up for his biggest bout yet, fresh off a decisive victory against Ryan Bourland in Puerto Rico last month. Meanwhile, Tyson, the youngest heavyweight champion in history, is making his return to the squared circle for the first time since his exhibition match with Roy Jones Jr. in 2020.

Despite the significant age gap between them, the Paul-Tyson fight is set to be an exhibition, although Paul has hinted at the possibility of turning it into a professional encounter. Addressing rumors of modified rules, including larger gloves and headguards, Paul dismissed them as “fake news.”

In a bid to drum up excitement for the event, Paul invoked Donald Trump’s name, extending a personal invitation to the former president. Speaking to Fox News, Paul said, “It’s an all-out war. And Trump, if you are watching this, this is an invite.” He also mentioned Trump’s past involvement in promoting Tyson’s fights and expressed a desire to have him in attendance, along with Trump’s son Barron.

The connection between Trump and Tyson runs deep, with Trump famously bidding $11 million to host Tyson’s fight against Michael Spinks in 1988 and the two forming a friendship over the years. Tyson even endorsed Trump during his successful 2016 presidential campaign.

As anticipation builds for the showdown between Paul and Tyson, the addition of Trump to the guest list adds another layer of intrigue to what promises to be an unforgettable event.

By Justin Sanchez

Born with a copy of "Atlas Shrugged" in hand, Justin showed early signs of his future as a conservative firebrand. Raised in a household where Rush Limbaugh's voice echoed through the halls, Justin was inspired to become a prominent figure in conservative journalism, in which he shares his support of Republican values.