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Interview: Fede Alvarez Talks Don’t Breathe (Exclusive)

Posted by Karen Benardello On November - 28 - 2016 0 Comment
Don't Breathe Blu-ray

Immediately judging a person just on their appearance is an erroneous trait that many people take on, as they’re encouraged to follow society’s lead of not thinking they should appreciate others for their personalities more than anything else. Swiftly being placed in dangerous situations that reveal people’s character as they struggle to protect themselves ultimately proves whether or not those instant intuitions are indeed accurate. Director and producer Fede Alvarez, who wrote the script for the horror film, ‘Don’t Breathe,’ with his frequent co-scribe, Rodo Sayagues, stunningly proved that people’s natural reactions in times of despair offer the most accurate insight into their temperament. The crime drama, which is now  [ Read More ]

C.H.U.D. II Blu-ray Cover Art

Having an unlimited amount of fun and laughs is a vital aspect to all friendships, no matter what extreme circumstances the cohorts find themselves in together. Relying on that amusement was certainly an essential part of the companionship between the main characters in the cult 1989 horror movie, ‘C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud.’ In honor of the film being released on limited edition Blu-ray this Tuesday, November 22, from Lionsgate Home Entertainment, Shockya has an exclusive clip from the comedy’s home release special features. The clip, which is titled ‘Friends with the Guys,’ features Tricia Leigh Fisher, who played Katie in the sequel to the 1984 original film, ‘C.H.U.D.,’ discussing  [ Read More ]

Incarnate Exclusive Clip Follows Aaron Eckhart Entering the Subconscious Minds of the Possessed

One of the most important aspects of being a scientist is to unbiasedly help serve the greater good of society, no matter how emotionally attached the researcher becomes to their cases. That’s certainly true of the troubled protagonist of the new horror film, ‘Incarnate,’ who must overcome his own painful past in order to treat others in need. In honor of the movie’s upcoming release, which will allow audiences to examine the struggle experts must contend with while performing their jobs, Shockya is premiering an exclusive clip, titled ‘What If It’s Maggie?’ ‘Incarnate’ is set to be be released in theaters on December 2 by BH Tilt, a division of  [ Read More ]

Interview: Charlie Heaton Talks Talks Shut In (Exclusive)

Posted by Karen Benardello On November - 12 - 2016 0 Comment
Interview: Charlie Heaton Talks Talks Shut In (Exclusive)

Living in a loving home with a caring family is meant to make people feel protected and secure, particularly those who are grappling with the effects of a traumatizing experience. But that ordeal can become frightening when that safe environment begins to feel sinister and threatening. The growing impression of claustrophobia is captivatingly highlighted between the protagonist and her teenage stepson in the new thriller, ‘Shut In,’ which was directed by Farren Blackburn. Audiences can now witness the growing suspense of how a mother and son can become emotionally and physically isolated and manipulated, as the drama was released in theaters nationwide this weekend by EuropaCorp USA. ‘Shut In,’ which  [ Read More ]

Shut In Star Naomi Watts Experiences Some of the Creepiest Dreams in Film

Women behold some of the most fascinating emotional abilities that allow them to survive the most traumatic situations. Even when their subconscious is threatening to break down their mentalities as they try to survive a harrowing situation, women possess the strength to rise about what’s plaguing their morals. That’s certainly the case with the protagonist in the new thriller, ‘Shut In,’ which was directed by Farren Blackburn. Told through the stunning feminine insight of writer Christina Hodson, the drama follows its lead character, who is played by the enthralling Naomi Watts, as she battles her vulnerabilities, which are taunting her through her nightmares. Audiences can now witness as her formerly  [ Read More ]


The Master Cleanse Cast and Crew Attend Screamfest Premiere

Posted by Karen Benardello On October - 29 - 2016 0 Comment
Johnny Galecki and Chris Hardwick The Master Cleanse Screamfest Premiere

The gripping encounters and bonds people experience throughout their lives often times form and shape their ideals, self-perception and interactions. People often hold deeply onto the personal baggage that has informed their current personalities as a comfortable and familiar security measure. Those distinct experiences and connections are intriguingly presented in the new horror movie, ‘The Master Cleanse,’ which celebrated its Los Angeles premiere last Saturday, October 22 at the Screamfest Horror Film Festival. The fantasy movie’s L.A. premiere at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatre took place after it had its world premiere earlier this year at SXSW. In attendance at ‘The Master Cleanse’s Screamfest screening were actor-executive producer Johnny Galecki  [ Read More ]

Siren Still 2

What’s meant to be one of the most exciting and anticipated nights of a man’s life can actually become one of their most horrifying experiences. While bachelor parties are often viewed as a way for grooms-to-be to celebrate being single one last time with their friends, they don’t always turns out to be joyous occasions. That’s certainly the case for the characters in the new horror film, ‘SiREN,’ whose first official trailer has been unveiled by its distributor, Chiller Films. The trailer’s launch is helping promote the thriller’s upcoming release in theaters on December 2, and on VOD, Digital HD and DVD on December 6. ‘SiREN’s theatrical, digital and home  [ Read More ]


Many people determinedly search for the person they feel got away, as they feel like they can’t live without them. While most of those people relentlessly search for the one they love and want to share their life with, the new horror television series, ‘Wolf Creek,’ puts an interesting new spin on that epic journey. The drama’s antagonist and protagonist are resolutely pursuing each other, in order to engage in an epic battle that will prove who’s the ultimate adversary. In honor of the psychological thriller show being driven by the two lead characters tracking each other in their mutual hope to fight, Shockya has an exclusive new clip from  [ Read More ]

Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2016: Danny Perez and Natasha Lyonne Talk Antibirth 4

Exploring your new and revitalized identity in an unfamiliar territory can be a daunting challenge for many people. But for the characters, as well as the cast and crew, of the new horror film, ‘Antibirth,’ that examination is a compelling experience that truly helped define their lives. Danny Perez powerfully made his feature film writing and directorial debuts on the drama, which features actress Natasha Lyonne in a classic return to leading a movie cast. The complex protagonist played by the performer, who also served as a producer on the movie, enthrallingly learns how to overcome her fears in order to finally take control of her life. ‘Antibirth’ follows the  [ Read More ]

From Dusk Till Dawn Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Theatrical Tickets Giveaway

Halloween often brings terror among horror fans who fear what spirits the holiday can conjure up. As genre buffs honor the terror that arises on the most frightening day of the year, this fall they’ll be able to continue celebrating that fear into November. ‘From Dusk Till Dawn,’ the movie that brings vampires, criminals, bikers and families together like no other, is returning to theaters for two days, on Sunday, November 6, and Wednesday, November 9. In celebration of the cherished action film’s 20th anniversary, Shockya is offering three lucky winners a pair of tickets (six tickets total) to any participating theater. To enter, follow us @Shockya, and tweet us  [ Read More ]

Darren Lynn Bousman's Abattoir Haunting Homes as Momentum Pictures Acquires Distribution Rights

A home’s terrifying history doesn’t only torment the occupants who originally experienced its tragic effects, as the building’s past can ultimately negatively influence future visitors, as well. Horror viewers will experience how a family’s misfortune can impair them all, as the anticipated thriller, ‘Abattoir,’ is set to be released later this year. Momentum Pictures has acquired the North American rights to the film, and plans on releasing it in theaters, as well as on VOD and Digital HD, on December 9. The horror movie was directed by ‘Saw’ alum, Darren Lynn Bousman, and written by Christopher Monfette, who has scribed several episodes of the Syfy television series, ’12 Monkeys.’ ‘Abattoir’  [ Read More ]

Momentum Pictures Takes Hold of The Possession Experiment's Acquisition Rights

Horror fans are able to be drawn back to the supernatural, as the acquisition rights for the upcoming genre film, ‘The Possession Experiment,’ have been secured by Momentum Pictures. The official announcement of the thriller’s acquisition was made by the distributor’s Senior Vice President of Content, Ian Goggins. ‘The Possession Experiment’ was directed by ‘Monumental’ helmer, Scott B. Hansen, who also co-wrote the script for his latest project with Mary J. Dixon. The anticipated horror movie stars Chris Minor, Jake Brinn, Nicky Jasper, KT Fanelli and Bill Moseley. Of the drama’s acquisition, Goggins noted that “‘The Possession Experiment’ is a film that takes audiences for a ride. Bill Moseley has  [ Read More ]

Interview: John Jarratt, Lucy Fry and Greg McLean Talk Wolf Creek (Exclusive)

Finding a reason to continue living after undergoing a traumatic experience can be a harrowing process in itself, as victims may feel as though they no longer have a reason to live. But the resolute young protagonist in the new horror television series, ‘Wolf Creek,’ powerfully won’t allow the grief caused by her tormentor stop her from pursuing her revenge on him. The six-episode limited television series is set to premiere in America at 10pm ET/PT this Friday, October 14. ‘Wolf Creek’ will air exclusively on Pop, a cable and satellite television network that’s a joint venture of CBS Corporation and Lionsgate. The show was inspired by the iconic Australian  [ Read More ]

ClownTown DVD Giveaway Follows Friends Being Targeted by the Title Villains

Friends are realizing that they only have each other in their most dire time of need, as a gang of sinister clowns begin stalking them through an otherwise deserted town. To celebrate the chase, the filmmakers and actors of the new thriller, ‘Clowntown,’ will be participating in an in-store signing on behalf of the horror film’s home release. The film is now available on Video on Demand and DVD for an SRP of $15.00 from ITN Distribution. Screenwriter Jeff Miller and director Tom Nagel will be joined by the movie’s cast, including Brian Nagel, Lauren Elise, Andrew Staton, Katie Keene, Jeff Denton and Ryan Pilz, for the in-store signing. The  [ Read More ]

Phantasm: Remastered Poster

Legendary genre filmmaker, Don Coscarelli, is unleashing the souls of the damned again, as his legendary horror series, ‘Phantasm,’ is now available On Demand and Digital HD. An all-new 4K restoration of the franchise’s original 1979 cult classic, ‘Phantasm: Remastered,’ as well as this year’s ‘Phantasm: Ravager,’ the fifth and final movie in the series, are also set to be released in theaters this Friday. ‘Phantasm: Remastered’ was written, directed and edited by Coscarelli, who also worked as the cinematographer on the sci-fi film. The franchise’s initial movie, which is also available on iTunes, stars Angus Scrimm, Reggie Bannister and A. Michael Baldwin. The original classic that started it all  [ Read More ]

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