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Producer Mem Ferda’s Mania Wins Best Horror Feature

Posted by Rudie Obias On October - 3 - 2015 0 Comment

The sexually charged lesbian love story ‘MANIA’ directed by Jessica Cameron, premiered at the 8th Annual Arizona Underground Film Festival and won Best Horror Feature. MANIA produced by British Actor / Producer Mem Ferda (Miss You Already, London Heist) revolves around two lesbian lovers who flee their home and travel crosscountry after a brutal murder. The movie stars Ellie Church (Time to Kill, Headless) in the lead role of Mel. MANIA is one of three features that see’s the teaming up of Cameron and Ferda along with Writer/ Executive Producer Jonathan Scott Higgins. Following on from their huge success with ‘Truth or Dare’ which picked up over 33 Awards globally,  [ Read More ]


Cinematic Chills At Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights 2015

Posted by Sabina Ibarra On September - 22 - 2015 0 Comment
HHN 2015

The Halloween season has officially been kicked off by Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. We got a chance to attend the opening day of the west coast haunt and experience their mazes first hand as if we were thrown into the worlds of this year’s properties. From Halloween’s Michael Myers to the ghosts of Crimson Peak, we’re running down what monsters reign supreme at HHN 2015!

Exclusive Interview: Sam Trammell Talks All Mistakes Buried (31st Boston Film Festival)

Emotionally depending on someone you have sentimentally developed a deep connection with to help you maintain your happiness can take drastically different paths; it can become either a liberating process that guides you in achieving your goals, or a restrictive situation that begins to deteriorate your pride. The new independent drama, ‘All Mistakes Buried,’ which had its world premiere last night at the 31st Boston Film Festival, enthralling encompasses both experiences. Actor Sam Trammell developed captivating working relationships with the film’s director Tim McCann and producer Shaun S. Sanghani on their previous indie drama, ‘White Rabbit,’ that the trio reunited to co-write ‘All Mistakes Buried’ together. The intriguing relationships between  [ Read More ]

halloween 5

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights opens its gates this week. Creative Director John Murdy led a sneak peek at a couple of the Hollywood theme park maze offerings with two returning franchises Halloween and Insidious for this year’s event. Here are the things you won’t wanna miss while being terrified: Halloween: Michael Myers Comes Home In the Halloween Maze for this year’s haunt, John Murdy brings Carpenter’s iconic Michael Myers back to lurk in the shadows of his hometown. The front facade of the Myers home has been modeled much like the one in the film, in it’s decayed and haunted state that both he and Dr. Loomis find it in and that the  [ Read More ]

Cooties Movie Review

Posted by Karen Benardello On September - 15 - 2015 0 Comment
Cooties Movie Review

Title: Cooties Directors: Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion Starring: Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson, Alison Pill, Jack McBrayer, Leigh Whannell and Nasim Pedrad Battling to establish your unique stance and personality in a developed community that already has some merits, but still fighting to find a way to captivatingly function, can be a difficult challenge, but it is an obtainable goal for those who are determined to find their rightful places. That not intriguingly applies to the main protagonist, Clint, in the new independent film ‘Cooties,’ but also in its subgenre, the horror comedy. Not only does the troubled lead character set out to prove his life’s worth in his stalled  [ Read More ]

Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2015 Scaring Audiences with Announcement of First 10 Films

Film enthusiasts can prepare to be frightened out of their chairs this Halloween season, as the Toronto After Dark Film Festival has just announced the first 10 movies that are set to play at this year’s edition. The entries, which include new horror, sci-fi, action and cult films, will have their premieres during the 10th annual event, which will run from October 13-23 at the Scotiabank Theater in Downtown Toronto. Check out the complete list of the newly announced first 10 movies that are set to play at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2015, along with their trailers and posters, below: The New Zealand horror comedy, ‘Deathgasm,’ which was  [ Read More ]

Interview: Spencer Breslin Talks Some Kind of Hate (Exclusive)

Posted by Karen Benardello On September - 12 - 2015 0 Comment
Interview Spencer Breslin Talks Some Kind of Hate (Exclusive)

Disturbingly scaring devoted fans of the horror genre through physical and emotional scares can be a challenging task, as many people have become desensitized, and are unable to sympathize with others who are contending with distressing situations. So creating a captivating horror movie that intriguingly chronicles the problems of contemporary society in a purposeful way is no easy feat. But actor Spencer Breslin effortlessly collaborated with his co-stars and Adam Egypt Mortimer, who made his feature film writing and directorial debuts on the upcoming horror movie, ‘Some Kind of Hate,’ to create realatable characters and a socially relevant story that audiences can truly appreciate. The independent movie, which is set  [ Read More ]

Interview: Lexi Atkins Talks Some Kind of Hate (Exclusive)

Posted by Karen Benardello On September - 12 - 2015 0 Comment
Interview: Lexi Atkins Some Kind of Hate (Exclusive)

Harrowingly scaring devoted fans of the horror genre through physical and emotional scares can be a daunting task, as many people have become detached from feeling empathy for others who are contending with frightening situations. So creating an enthralling horror movie that captivatingly chronicles the problems of contemporary society in a meaningful way is no easy feat, especially for a first-time filmmaker. Actress Lexi Atkins effortlessly collaborated with Adam Egypt Mortimer, who made his feature film writing and directorial debuts on the upcoming independent horror, ‘Some Kind of Hate,’ to create realistic characters who audiences can empathize with. The movie, which is set to be released on Friday in theaters  [ Read More ]

Cast and Crew The Visit Red Carpet

Devotedly working to channel your deepest emotions into building your passions and relationships can be an equally daunting and rewarding experience. But with his new independent horror thriller, ‘The Visit,’ writer-director-producer M. Night Shyamalan has intriguingly proved that unabashedly committing to your unique ideas in your work and fully embracing your connections can truly help you build your distinct vision. ‘The Visit,’ which is set to be released tonight in theaters, united the filmmaker with Jason Blum, who helped produce it through his production company, Blumhouse Productions. The producer encouraged the scribe-helmer to uninhibitedly showcase his abilities as a captivating storyteller in a low-budget independent film. As a result, Shyamalan  [ Read More ]

The Visit Movie Review

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Title: The Visit Director: M. Night Shyamalan Starring: Olivia DeJonge, Ed Oxenbould, Deana Dunagan, Peter McRobbie, and Katheryn Hahn The Visit may be better than The Last Airbender, After Earth and Lady in the Water but it is by no means a return to form in the likes of The Sixth Sense, Signs and Unbreakable. The Blumhouse produced horror feature reinvigorates Shyamalan’s sense of suspense in an interesting premise but detracts from it by putting it in the found footage box. When teen siblings Becca (Olivia DeJonge) and Tyler(Ed Oxenbould) encourage their mom (Katheryn Hahn) to go off on a cruise, they embark on a trip to visit her estranged parents. It also just so happens that Becca  [ Read More ]

Interview: D.J. Cotrona and Zane Holtz Talk From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series Season 2

It’s often a natural reaction for people to want to work with, and honor, the people they admire the most in their lives. But they don’t always want to embrace that dedication, or too heavily emulate their idols, either out of respect for their values, or their sudden disappointment in their recent decisions and actions. That’s one of the most intriguing and alluring aspects of the current 10-episode second season of the horror action crime show, ‘From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series.’ Actors D.J. Cotrona and Zane Holtz play brothers Seth and Richie Grecko on the show, during which the characters remain loyal to each other out of respect for  [ Read More ]

Interview Darren Lynn Bousman Talks Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival (Exclusive)

Adamantly pursuing your biggest goals can often times be a challenging prospect, as many hindering and restricting obstacles can stand in your way of achieving those aspirations. Not only are the leaders of Heaven and Hell being forced to contend with their mortal enemy’s desire to stop their intentions and overtake their domain in the new horror comedy follow-up, ‘Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival,’ but director Darren Lynn Bousman also had to overcome the times confining nature of making the visually-driven film independently. But the former ‘Saw’ series helmer smartly reunited with writer and actor Terrance Zdunich to recapture the allure of the original ‘The Devil’s Carnival’ in their latest distinct  [ Read More ]

Lee Williams and Pollyanna McIntosh Enter The Blood Lands in Exclusive Blu-ray and DVD Special Features Clip

People often engage in friendly competition with their neighbors, but the battle often isn’t threatening as they fight to claim who’s the better family. But one family’s sinister intentions and ill will towards the other is powerfully exposed after its members are pushed beyond their seemingly friendly limit. Pollyanna McIntosh and Lee Williams harrowingly learn that lesson when their characters in their new horror film, ‘The Blood Lands,’ embark on a shockingly lethal game of cat and mouse with their new local acquaintances. Viewers can witness their increasing terror in Shockya’s new exclusive Behind-the-Scenes clip for the thriller, which was directed by Simeon Halligan and and writer Ian Fenton. The  [ Read More ]

Sarah Butler Returns to I Spit on Your Grave 3 as Sequel Receives Official Release Date

Sarah Butler is once again seeking revenge as she reprises her role of Jennifer Hills in the upcoming sequel, ‘I Spit on Your Grave 3.’ The actress first played the scorned protagonist in the 2010 original film, ‘I Spit on Your Grave.’ The second follow-up in the vengeance-filled crime thriller series is set to be released in select theaters on October 9, 2015, before heading to DVD, Blu-ray and Video On Demand on October 20. Anchor Bay Entertainment is releasing the revenge horror film, which was directed by ’100 Degrees Below Zero’ helmer, R.D. Braunstein. The independent and theatrical home entertainment distribution company has unveiled the synopsis for the third  [ Read More ]

Yusuf Gatewood Contemplates Finn Mikaelson In Exclusive The Originals: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray and DVD Clip

Attempting to reunite with your family, and mend the estranged relationships that have harrowingly formed between you and your relatives, is often a daunting task. But it can become even more of a tormented struggle for supernatural beings who have a centuries-long vendetta to uphold when they’re brought back to life. Actor Yusuf Gatewood is contemplating his character Vincent Griffith’s transformation into one of the Mikaelson brothers, Finn, at the end of the first season, and throughout the second season, of The CW’s hit horror fantasy series, ‘The Originals.’ In honor of ‘The Originals: The Complete Second Season’ being released on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD this Tuesday, September 1,  [ Read More ]

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