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Krampus Movie Review

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Movie: Krampus Director: Michael Dougherty (‘Trick ‘r Treat’) Starring: Adam Scott, Toni Collette, Emjay Anthony, David Koechner, Allison Tolman and Conchata Ferrell Spending lengthy periods of time with your extended family, who you have nothing remotely in common with, may initially seem to be a dark and subversive alternative to your traditional holiday festivities. But completely losing faith in the spirit of the Christmas season, which is supposed to be the happiest time of the year, and not fully embracing and appreciating your family, can lead to an even more sinister punishment. Based on the ancient European folklore about a horned beast who captures disobedient children for Christmas, the new  [ Read More ]

Exclusive Interview: Cliff Curtis Talks Fear the Walking Dead: Season 1 (Blu-ray and DVD Release)

Striving to find your own unique identity and beliefs as you set out to succeed in a respected world that’s been established by your peers can be both a daunting and liberating task. Accomplished New Zealand film and television actor Cliff Curtis once again proved his versatility and adaptability to creating a distinct character when he stepped into the lead male role of Travis Manawa in AMC’s new horror series, ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’ Anchor Bay Entertainment will distribute ‘Fear the Walking Dead: The Complete First Season’ on Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow, for a suggested retail price of $49.99 and $39.98, respectively. The home release of the show, which was  [ Read More ]

Victor Frankenstein-James McAvoy, Paul McGuigan and Daniel Radcliffe 2

Having an internationally infamous name can be an equally beneficial and exasperating experience for people who are intensely determined and motivated to find success in their chosen field of work. The title character in the upcoming sci-fi horror film, ‘Victor Frankenstein,’ which 20th Century Fox will distribute into theaters nationwide on Wednesday, thrives on his family’s name to obtain renowned fame as a scientist. Audiences have long embraced the 1818 novel by Mary Shelley that launched the Frankenstein story, as the writer emotionally emphasized how the title character yearned to achieve his own success, even though he has to rely on the help of his family’s influence. ‘Victor Frankenstein’ intriguingly  [ Read More ]

Natalie Dormer Becomes Lost in The Forest’s New Trailer and Art

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Natalie Dormer Becomes Lost in The Forest's New Art and Trailer

Natalie Dormer is determined to stay on the path, and not get lost in ‘The Forest,’ in the new art and trailer for the upcoming supernatural horror film. ‘The Forest’s latest alternate artwork and clip premiered exclusively on ‘The Hunger Games’ actress’ Facebook and Instagram pages. Besides Dormer, ‘The Forest’ also stars Taylor Kinney, Yukiyoshi Ozawa and Eoin Macken, and was helmed by first-time feature film director, Jason Zada. The supernatural horror movie was written by Ben Ketai, Sarah Cornwell and Nick Antosca. Gramercy Pictures is set to release the movie in theaters nationwide on Friday, January 8, 2016. The following synopsis for ‘The Forest’ has been released by Gramercy  [ Read More ]

Interview: Tara Subkoff Talks #Horror (Exclusive)

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Interview: Tara Subkoff Talks #Horror (Exclusive)

One of the most horrifying aspects of transitioning into adolescence for every generation is the potential for those new teens to be ridiculed by their peers. Preparing to become a teenager is even more terrifying today, however, as that devastating taunting has moved from only happening by their peers at school to now occurring all of the time by people around the world online. That harrowing transition into cyberbulling is grippingly showcased in the new horror film, ‘#Horror,’ which marks the feature film writing, directing, producing and production design debuts of actress Tara Subkoff. The drama, which is being distributed into theaters in New York and L.A., and on VOD  [ Read More ]

Interview: Lydia Hearst Talks Condemned (Exclusive)

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Interview: Lydia Hearst Talks Condemned (Exclusive)

Grippingly frightening dedicated fans of the horror genre through physical and emotional scares can be a challenging task, as many viewers have become desensitized, and are unable to relate to characters who are contending with distressing situations. So creating enthralling and insightful horror movies and televisions series that captivatingly chronicle the problems of contemporary society in a purposeful way is certainly an even bigger challenge. But actress Lydia Hearst, who starred in last year’s horror prequel, ‘Cabin Fever: Patient Zero,’ has naturally created characters in two such compelling, thought-provoking horror movies this fall: one in first-time feature film writer and director Eli Morgan Gesner’s ‘Condemned,’ which opened this weekend in  [ Read More ]

Interview: Ronen Rubinstein Talks Condemned

Shocking and scaring devoted fans of the horror genre through physical and emotional scares can be a challenging task, as many viewers have become desensitized, and are unable to sympathize with characters who are contending with distressing situations. So creating not just one, but two enthralling and insightful horror movies that intriguingly chronicle the problems of contemporary society in a purposeful way, is certainly a challenge. But actor Ronen Rubinstein has effortlessly created characters in two such intriguing, thought-provoking horror movies this fall: one in first-time feature film writer and director Eli Morgan Gesner’s ‘Condemned,’ which is set to be released in theaters and on Digital HD next Friday, November  [ Read More ]

Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2015 Alistair Legrand Talks The Diabolical

Intuitively finding ways to fight the frightening evil that’s traumatically invading your life can be a terrifying experience for many people. However, instinctively fighting back against your alarming intruders is a natural process for motivated protagonists who embrace the challenge of guarding the people they love. That drive to defend your family is grippingly showcased in the main protagonist in the new independent horror thriller, ‘The Diabolical,’ which is currently playing on VOD and iTunes. Ali Larter enthrallingly plays a mother who’s determined to protect her young children from a threatening presence that wishes to cause them harm in the movie, which was co-written and directed by first-time feature filmmaker,  [ Read More ]

Interview: Lin Shaye Talks Tales of Halloween (Exclusive)

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Interview: Lin Shaye Tales of Halloween (Exclusive)

People don’t often ponder their mortality and humanity until they’re unexpectedly forced to face both their literal and figurative ghosts in frightening situations. But Fangoria Chainsaw Award-winning actress Lin Shaye has captivatingly appreciated the journey of reflecting on your life choices when you’re compelled to contend with those phantoms over the course of her career. The performer, who has become welcomed in the horror genre in recent years for her portrayal of the medium Elise in the ‘Insidious’ trilogy, is once again powerfully embracing the reemergence of those ghosts in the ‘Grim Grinning Ghost’ segment of the new anthology horror film, ‘Tales of Halloween,’ which is now playing in theaters  [ Read More ]

The Interior TADFF

Fearlessly setting out on a physically and emotionally daunting experience, no matter how terrifying the journey and consequences may appear to be, can be the most revealing way for people to truly discover who they really are, and what they’re meant to do. Not only is that telling exploration a meaningful one for first-time feature film writer, director, producer and editor Trevor Juras, who courageously made the leap into features after working on four shorts over the past two years, but also for the troubled anti-hero in his initial feature. The helmer daringly crafted an intriguingly flawed main character whose beliefs are still alluringly relatable in the new Canada-set and  [ Read More ]


To fully believe in life’s most surprising and seemingly impossible events, people often require concrete evidence that the circumstance actually occurred. Whether it’s accepting that the seemingly unscientific incident of seeing ghosts can truly happen, or finally witnessing several of the most celebrated genre actors publicly reunite after living out of the spotlight for several decades, undeniable proof is a crucial element. That’s certainly the case with the iconic movie adaptation of Stephen King’s acclaimed 1977 horror novel, ‘The Shining.’ Not only do the characters begin to believe in the supernatural after witnessing apparitions firsthand, but several of the horror film’s beloved actors, including Lisa and Louise Burns and Joseph  [ Read More ]

The Exorcism of Molly Hartley Day 2 Set Photo

Encouraging a determined young female protagonist to fully embrace her growing dark side and inclinations is a unique perspective in any film, as the resolute cinematic hero is often believed to need to defend the goodness in their world. But the 2008 horror thriller, ‘The Haunting of Molly Hartley,’ intriguingly reversed the genre’s expectations of how lead characters are supposed to act, and what they stand for, as the title teen fully embraced being overtaken by the Devil by the end of the story. But director Steven R. Monroe’s new sequel to the supernatural film, titled ‘The Exorcism of Molly Hartley,’ showcases how the title character, who’s now a young  [ Read More ]

Interview: Barry Bostwick Talks Tales of Halloween (Exclusive)

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Interview: Barry Bostwick Talks Tales of Halloween (Exclusive)

People can often carry out their life’s biggest fantasies when their identities are hidden by a disguise, but they often don’t ponder the effects their actions have on others until they’re forced to face the consequences of their choices themselves. Barry Bostwick appreciated having the opportunity to don extensive and frightening make-up for his role of The Devil in the ‘Night Billy Raised Hell’ segment of the new anthology horror film, ‘Tales of Halloween,’ which opened in theaters and on VOD and iTunes this weekend. The section of the independent movie, which was directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, not only allowed the Golden Globe-winning actor the opportunity to portray an  [ Read More ]

Dubsmash Celebrates The Vatican Tapes' Home Release with Lionsgate Horror Bundles Twitter Sweepstakes

Horror fans can prepare for the ultimate battle between good and evil, just in time for Halloween. Dubsmash and Lionsgate Home Entertainment have partnered to host a UGC sweepstakes in support of the October 20 Blu-ray (plus Digital HD), DVD (plus Digital), Digital HD and On Demand release of the horror thriller, ‘The Vatican Tapes.’ Fans of the popular genre can enter to win one of two Lionsgate Horror Bundles, which include the films ‘The Vatican Tapes,’ ‘You’re Next,’ ‘Saw Special Edition,’ ‘Sinister’ and ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre.’ To enter into the Lionsgate Horror Bundles sweepstakes, fans must follow Shockya (@Shockya) on Twitter. They then must create their “possession” Dubsmash videos  [ Read More ]

Interview: Guillermo del Toro and the Cast Talk Crimson Peak

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As people set out to achieve their biggest desires in life, often times they’re also forced to embark on a distressing journey to find their true sense of self and ideals in the process. Their wish to obtain their personal goals is often tested as they begin to face conflicting values and obstacles that are brought against them by the people who seemingly care about them the most. Director Guillermo del Toro created another captivating fairy tale that explores that all-important process of self-discovery during times of disconcerting struggles between families in his upcoming horror fantasy film, ‘Crimson Peak,’ which is set to be released in theaters by Universal Pictures  [ Read More ]

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