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The Exclusive Premiere of The Final Project's First Clip Reveals Why There are Some Places the Living Should Never Go

There are some places the living should never go. Six college students are learning that all-important lesson, particularly as they attempt to make a documentary about one of the most notorious haunted houses in America, in the upcoming horror film, ‘The Final Project.’ To emphasize that essential message, Shockya is exclusively premiering the chilling thriller’s first clip, which is titled ‘Woman in Window.’ ‘The Final Project’ marks the feature film writing, directorial, producing and visual effects debuts from indie filmmaker Taylor Ri’chard. The horror movie, which was made by 3rd Fathom Entertainment and will be be distributed by CAVU Pictures, will be released in theaters in Atlanta and Houston on  [ Read More ]

The Final Project's Signed Poster Giveaway Offers a Lesson on a Notorious American Haunted House

There are some places the living should never go. Six college students are learning that all-important lesson, particularly as they attempt to make a documentary about one of the most notorious haunted houses in America, in the upcoming horror thriller, ‘The Final Project.’ In celebration of the horror thriller’s upcoming theatrical release, Shockya is offering two lucky winners a poster that’s signed by ‘The Final Project’s co-writer and director, Taylor Ri’chard. To enter, email us at ShockyaGiveaway@aol.com. Let us know that you’re entering to win the ‘The Final Project’ signed poster contest in the email’s subject line and message. You have until Wednesday, February 10 to submit your entries, and  [ Read More ]

Sundance 2016 Interview: Babak Anvari Talks Under the Shadow Phone Interview (Exclusive)

Children often can garner a fear of the unknown in the world around them as they hear frightening stories and urban legends from their peers. While many kids subsequently learn to outgrow their terrors as they start to realize the myths are untrue, others will continue to be driven to learn more about the demons and how to escape them. Award-winning British-Iranian filmmaker Babak Anvari is one such person who decided to face his concerns in the story of his feature film writing and directorial debuts, the new horror thriller, ‘Under The Shadow.’ Having been born and raised in Tehran, Iran, the filmmaker often heard legends about Djinn, which are  [ Read More ]

Interview: Kevin and Michael Goetz Talk Martyrs (Exclusive)

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Interview: Kevin and Michael Goetz Talk Martyrs (Exclusive)

Setting out to create a new identity and sense of purpose can be a challenging task, as people are usually guided through life by their past decisions, emotions and experiences. That’s certainly the case with the directors and main characters in the upcoming horror film, ‘Martyrs,’ which is a retelling of the French 2008 horror cult film written and directed by Pascal Laugier. Kevin and Michael Goetz, who are collectively known as the Goetz Brothers, took over helming duties for the French filmmaker on the remake, after proving their captivating abilities to chronicle the gripping psychological struggles people are forced to contend with during times of conflict in their first  [ Read More ]

Interview: Eytan Rockaway Talks The Abandoned (Exclusive)

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Interview: Eytan Rockaway Talks The Abandoned (Exclusive)

Devotedly committing to taking whatever means necessary to fulfill your dreams in life can be a terrifying prospect in life. The process can be even more daunting when your emotions are easily manipulated by the intimidating physical challenges that you’re forced to face along every step of the journey. That frightening situation of trying to overcome your fears as you try to achieve your goals is captivatingly presented in the new horror thriller, ‘The Abandoned.’ The film, which was released in select theaters and on VOD by IFC Midnight this weekend, marks the feature film directorial debut of filmmaker Eytan Rockaway. The movie not only intriguingly presents the horrifying obstacles  [ Read More ]

Exclusive Interview: James Ransone Talks Sinister 2 (Blu-ray and DVD Release)

Providing innocent humor to people who you are beginning to care about during their menacing struggles can often times offer them a sense of hope that their lives will improve again. But when you’re inadvertently pulled into their ominous conflicts after you form a true bond with them, you harrowingly realize that there’s nothing remotely amusing about the terrifying situation. In order to survive, you have to courageously step into unfamiliar emotional and physical territory, and explore the natural human condition as you fight back, no matter what the potential personal consequences you’re forced to face. That brave approach to protecting yourself, as well as the people you have bonded  [ Read More ]

Interview: Taylor Kinney Talks The Forest (Exclusive)

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Interview Taylor Kinney Talks The Forest (Exclusive)

Offering to nobly help a stranger who you just met try to achieve their goal, particularly when their plans have the potential to put your life in danger, comes with an alluring romanticism that implies you’re an upstanding citizen. But when your bohemian lifestyle, particularly your lack of connection to any particular community, is ultimately revealed, your initial willingness to help and sense of selfless become ambiguous. That captivating debate of a person’s true motives and intentions is compellingly presented in Taylor Kinney’s character, Aiden, in the new supernatural thriller, ‘The Forest.’ The psychological horror film grippingly explores Aiden’s dark psychological nuances as he offers to help the lead character,  [ Read More ]

Interview: Jason Zada Talks The Forest (Exclusive)

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Interview David S. Goyer Talks The Forest (Exclusive)

A person who’s struggling to support a relative who they have always felt was in need of nurturing, particularly if they sense that the tense circumstances of their surroundings have negatively impacted their mental and emotional psyche, can often times find themselves in their own distressing situation. But when the unresolved issues of the seemingly confident person in the family, who appears to be fully in charge of their life, start to pull back their stable and controlled facade, the loved one they’re trying to save unexpectedly becomes the more practical voice of reason. That intriguing exploration into the unraveling of a seemingly stronger sister as she determinedly sets out  [ Read More ]

Exclusive Interview: Magda Apanowicz Talks The Green Inferno (Blu-ray and DVD Release)

Passionately and selflessly working to protect people you perceive are in need of help can harrowingly become a futile effort when the group you’re trying to save inexplicably begins to gloat about causing you harm. That terrifying experience chillingly and disturbingly drives the protagonists’ frightening plight in the drama, ‘The Green Inferno.’ Actress Magda Apanowicz portrays one of the noble humanitarians who embarks on an international goodwill mission that goes terrifyingly wrong in the film, which is now available on Digital HD. The movie, which is also set to be distributed on Blu-ray, DVD and On Demand tomorrow by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, marks the highly anticipated return to classic  [ Read More ]

Exclusive Interview: Sid Haig Talks Bone Tomahawk (Blu-ray and DVD Release)

Embodying the most villainous characteristics of humanity can sometimes be the most alluring prospect in life, as those traits can be the most influential on the people whose lives you callously enter. Sid Haig, who has garnered acclaim in recent years for his chilling portrayal of Captain Spaulding in the cult horror film, ‘House of 1000 Corpses,’ and its sequel, ‘The Devil’s Rejects,’ once again connected with his diabolical side in his latest drama, ‘Bone Tomahawk.’ The actor generously took the time to discuss filming the independent horror Western during an exclusive phone interview, during which he noted how he appreciates that his most recent antagonistic character, as well the  [ Read More ]

Enter the Suicide Forest with 360 Immersive Experience

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Interview David S. Goyer Talks The Forest (Exclusive)

Horror fans can Enter the Suicide Forest in the heart of the Aokigahara in Japan with the new 360-degree video and audio experience. The 360 Immersive Experience has debuted in support of the upcoming release of the supernatural thriller, ‘The Forest.’ The experience uses real images taken at Aokigahara, the real life suicide forest located at the base of Mt. Fuji. It’s best viewed on it’s official website, in either mobile or virtual reality using Google Cardboard. Gramercy Pictures is set to release ‘The Forest’ in theaters nationwide on January 8, 2016. The distributor has unveiled the following synopsis for the horror film: Rising with terrifying grandeur at the base  [ Read More ]

Interview: David S. Goyer Talks The Forest (Exclusive)

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Interview David S. Goyer Talks The Forest (Exclusive)

The seemingly most serene and beautiful places in the world can actually surprisingly be the epitome of the idea that looks can be deceiving. Rising with terrifying grandeur at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan, the legendary real-life Aokigahara Forest is the suspense-filled setting of the upcoming drama, ‘The Forest.’ The film is what producer David S. Goyer has described as being an elevated supernatural thriller that features characters who viewers will come to care about over the course of the story. But they ultimately become steeped in a creeping dread in a real location that initially appears be a tranquil place, but is actually associated with hauntings and  [ Read More ]

Interview: Henry Rollins Talks He Never Died (Exclusive)

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Interview: Henry Rollins Talks He Never Died (Exclusive)

As people strive to find and hold onto a meaningful purpose in their work and relationships, they often find it difficult to simply define the overall objectives in their lives. So they often determinedly set out to describe and showcase their strengths, in a powerful attempt to validate their existence and merits. Actor Henry Rollins profoundly highlighted his persistence in telling an equally emotional and action-driven horror story in his new film, ‘He Never Died,’ which Vertical Entertainment released this weekend in theaters and On Demand and on iTunes. The movie features the actor portraying a complex anti-hero who’s dedicated to finding the significance in his own life, particularly when  [ Read More ]

Celebrate the Holidays with Festive 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

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Miley Cyrus Christmas Sweater

Spending quality time with family and friends during the holiday season can be the most exciting and rewarding experience for many people. But for others, their time is even more gratifying if they honor their relationships by giving their loved ones exhilarating presents. So Shockya has complied a list of the most thrilling and intriguing rewards of 2015 with a festive holiday gift guide, which is in part inspired by some of everyone’s favorite celebrities. One of the most celebrated gifts in recent years is the holiday sweater, which many people love to wear for any occasion, especially parties. The inventive Scottish-based website, MorphCostumes, features such creative designs as the  [ Read More ]

Interview: David Koechner Talks Krampus and Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (Exclusive)

Embracing the intriguing challenge of embarking on a seemingly compelling and equally frightening situation can be both a daunting and liberating experience. Skilled actor and comedian David Koechner, who rose to fame with roles in the comedy genre, including the ‘Anchorman’ films and the NBC television series ‘The Office,’ effortlessly took on the intimidating process when he happily switched into the horror genre. After appearing in last year’s acclaimed black comedy thriller, ‘Cheap Thrills,’ the alum of the popular improvisational group Second City moved into the horror comedy subgrene. Koechner can now be seen in co-writer-director Michael Dougherty’s ‘Krammpus,’ which opened this weekend in theaters. The film was released after  [ Read More ]

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