Title: Charcoal on a Canvas

Artist: Liz Graham

Production: Engineer, Mixer Producer: Larry Alexander, Owner, ‘Studio L, Valley Cottage, NY; Producer/Arranger: Liz Graham

Relaying your intense, socially significant emotions through your powerful and meaningful words and music can be a daunting prospect for those naturally introverted people who have never had the confidence to truly express their true feelings to their world. But the boldly confident adult contemporary-country singer-songwriter, Liz Graham, proved that with the undoubtingly genuine support of even one person, as well as one piece of exhilarating inspiration, even the most quiet person can publicly express their deepest motivations. The New York-based musician, who interestingly combines both folk and rock into her music, enthrallingly showcased her authentic mix of fear and desire to reveal her deepest emotions in her newly-released single, ‘Charcoal on a Canvas.’

After releasing music with several bands, touring as an opening act throughout New York and the East Coast and winning such distinct honors as the ASCAP Award throughout the 1990s, Graham is courageously emphasizing her personal musical talents with the release of ‘Charcoal on a Canvas.’ A prime example of her signature folk-rock ballad style, which also enthrallingly offers an intriguing insight into her upcoming adult contemporary-inspired sophomore album, the song effortlessly proves how she has sophisticatingly matured as an artist.

‘Charcoal on a Canvas’ captivatingly begins with an intense country-infused instrumental introduction with an alluring mix of drums and guitars. The song’s beginning instantly proves Graham is serious about mixing diverse sounds together to create a uniquely thrilling sound, which has powerful influences from such talented musicians as Sarah Mclachlan and Natalie Merchant. The instrumentals charmingly leads into Graham’s alluring voice, as she sings about the importance of embracing the joys of the past, while also accepting the need to move forward in your life and relationships.

Graham relatably sang about wanting to try to make her romantic relationship work, and being proud of the bond they have worked so hard to maintain. While she wants to showcase the connection to the world, the man she’s involved with doesn’t know how to work on their love the way she wants to, and if her determination will improve their rapport at all.

‘Charcoal on a Canvas’ is an intriguing, engaging mix of folk, rock, country and adult contemporary instrumentals that powerfully emphasizes the relatable frustrations of not approaching a relationship the same way as your partner. With the talented Graham finally confident enough to truly express her true feelings and undeniable talents to the world as a leading solo artist, she captivatingly created a stunning single about diverse views on how to make relationships successful. While the versatile singer-songwriter is assured and confident in the way she wants to present her relationship and emotions to the world, she does embrace the fact that her bond with her loved one is still a work in progress.

For more information on Graham, visit her official website, as well as her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages. Listen to ‘Charcoal on a Canvas’ below.

Liz Graham Charcoal on a Canvas Single Review

Written by: Karen Benardello

By Karen Benardello

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