In the latest fake MeToo trial against Greek billionaire Alki David, Allred Maroko & Goldberg finally slipped up, revealing the brazen unethical behavior behind her lust for profit

Gloria Allred with her former client Summer Zervos, who says the exploitive TV lawyer who was caught in a fraud and forgery scheme this week, “threatened and violated her.”

The case looked weak. Mahim Khan’s allegations against Alki David were among the flimsiest of the snake’s nest of ex-employees scraped together by Gloria Allred and her daughter Lisa Bloom to try to cash in on MeToo by going after the FilmOn executive. There were no actual witnesses, there was no evidence. Venable LLP’s Ellyn Garofolo had destroyed most of the so-called “MeToo” witnesses in the string of trials. Elizabeth Taylor revealed on the stand that she had lied about being on stage with naked holograms without her knowledge–she would duck out on her planned testimony for her friend Lauren Reeves. Chasity [sic] Jones had trouble repeating her script of what she supposedly saw in any coherent manner–Garofolo showed her testimony has been utter nonsense. Nathan “Go-Go” Goldberg took to desperate measures: he or his associates simply deleted witnesses and evidence from the trial roster, and forged the opposing counsel’s signature, hoping no one would notice, according to Alki David’s U.S. attorney, Ellyn Garofolo.

In a filing on Wednesday this week, Garofolo showed the L.A. Superior Court that Allred Nathan & Goldberg tampered with evidence in what amounts to fraud. The faking of her signature amounts to felony forgery.

“Well aware of the deep flaws in her case, Plaintiff is seeking and end run around Defendant’s ability to present the evidence which will expose her claims for what they are — a fiction created to exploit the very important “MeToo” movement,” the filing in the case Khan v. David states.

“In fact,” the filing continues. “Understandably anxious to avoid a real trial, Plaintiff has engaged in other conduct in that raises serious ethical violations. Plaintiff forged the name of Defendants’ counsel which added exhibits to Plaintiff’s list and deleted at least three of Defendants’ ‘exhibits.”

“This conduct, is not merely unethical, it is a felony,” the filing states, citing Cal.PenalCode§132.

Allred Maroko & Goldberg sought to add mysterious new doctor’s notes to Mahim Khan’s evidence list that had not been produced, or even mentioned, even once in the two year run-up to this trial. They also sought to block Alki David’s rebuttal witnesses–clearly afraid of the truth coming out.

Gloria Allred has been under fire ever since the book She Said showed she profited from multi-million dollar hush money payments that she engineered in order to keep the alleged rape victims of Harvey Weinstein silent. She has also been shown by Summer Zervos to have behaved unethically, and to not act in the best interest of her own clients. Zervos says Allred “threatened and violated me” according to the Daily Beast. “Caught red handed!” Alki David bellowed on his Instagram story on his way to the courthouse in Downtown L.A. “This is exactly what I’ve been saying all along. Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom are engaging in a criminal–CRIMINAL–conspiracy. Using MeToo to try to extort me. This is just the first time they’ve broken the law right under the nose of a judge so obviously. These are felonies. I’m not going to stop until they go to jail for this.”

Judge Michelle Williams adjourned the trial until November 8th in order to give her time to review the filing from Elly Garofolo. The case number is BC654017. The entire filing is available here.

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