Eminence Hill
Actress appears in an exclusive clip from writer-director Robert Conway’s Western action film, ‘Eminence Hill.’

Cowboys can’t outrun the law-or their enemies-forever, and must eventually succumb to their fate. That’s certainly the case for actress Dominique Swain and actor Clint James’ outlaw characters, Gretchen and Royce, in the new Western film, ‘Eminence Hill.’

In honor of Uncork’d Entertainment releasing the action drama in select theaters this past Friday, November 1, as well on VOD and DVD tomorrow, November 5, ShockYa is premiering a new clip from the movie. The clip features Gretchen singing a gloomy song, as she and Royce sit in jail cells, and await their fates. After finishing the tune, Gretchen asks Royce if they’ll get out of their current situation, to which he responds that he doesn’t think so.

In addition to Swain and James, the thriller also stars Lance Henriksen, Barry Corbin, Anna Harr, Owen Conway, Maria Olsen, Augie Duke and Brinke Stevens. ‘Eminence Hill’ was written and directed by Robert Conway.

Uncork’d Entertainment has released the following synopsis for ‘Eminence Hill’:

A notorious outlaw and his gang come upon a small homestead, killing both husband and wife and kidnapping their teenage daughter. With the law closing in on them, and after losing their way, the bandits find themselves in the town of Eminence Hill, a community run by a group of deeply pious and fanatical homesteaders.

ShockYa's Exclusive 'Eminence Hill' Clip
ShockYa's Exclusive 'Eminence Hill' Clip

ShockYa is premiering an exclusive clip from writer-director Robert Conway's western film, 'Eminence Hill,' which features Dominique Swain and Clint James.

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