Such a Funny Life
Actor Gonzalo Trigueros (right) appears in ShockYa’s exclusive clip from writer-director Oliver Mann’s crime drama, ‘Such a Funny Life.’

Sometimes the most admirable fight can come with the most devastating results. That’s certainly the cast for actor Gonzalo Trigueros’ character, David Gutierrez, in the upcoming crime drama, ‘Such a Funny Life.’ The propagandist is struggling to achieve his career goals of becoming a successful entertainer, while also caring for, and keeping together, his at-times dysfunctional family.

Artist Rights Distribution is set to unveil the movie in Los Angeles theaters this Friday, November 8. ‘Such a Funny Life’ received its official theatrical release, including at the Arena Cinelounge Cinema in Hollywood, for which tickets can now be purchased here, after it received rave reviews on the film festival circuit earlier this year.

In honor of the official release, ShockYa is premiering an exclusive clip from the feature, which is titled ‘Why Did You Run?’ The clip follows the main character as he visits his mother in a hospital, and insists to the staff that he can care for her, even though she’s emotionally and physically struggling. Her doctor becomes even more skeptical when David’s mother start repeatedly asking why he ran.

‘Such a Funny Life’ was written and directed by Oliver Mann. In addition to Trigueros, the drama also stars Kobi Frumer, Jesse Ray Sheps, Neil Hellegers, Tom Ashton, Nastasha Strang and Caitlyn Stellwagen.

The following official synopsis for ‘Such a Funny Life’ has been released by Artist Rights Distribution:

‘Such a Funny Life’ follows David Gutierrez, an up and coming New York stand up comic who is funny on stage, but off stage he struggles with two devils: the death of his sister, Gabriella, and his Autistic mother, Mariah, is in a mental institution. The disappearance of his abusive father Ralph also connects David with his street smart friend, Rob Parker. As things worsen for Maria in the mental institution and betrayal comes between David and Rob, David flees to Los Angeles to hone his craft and leave it all behind, until years later he gets a life changing phone call to retrieve Mariah from the mental institution in New York, and his dark past catches up with him. There‚Äôs always a price for talent.

ShockYa's Exclusive Such a Funny Life Clip
ShockYa's Exclusive Such a Funny Life Clip

ShockYa's premiering an exclusive clip from writer-director Oliver Mann's crime drama, 'Such a Funny Life,' which stars Gonzalo Trigueros.

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