In Khan v. David, in L.A. Superior Court, Allred Maroko & Bloom junior partner Nathan Goldberg was slammed for altering witnesses and evidence lists

Gloria Allred bragging about how much money she made by silencing Harvey Weinstsin’s alleged rape victims. The attorney, who is involved in several Fake MeToo scams with her daughter Lisa Bloom, was slammed in L.A. Superior Court for forging evidence.

Judge Michelle Williams admonished Nathan “Giligan” Goldberg of Allred Maroko & Goldberg for forging Ellyn Garofolo’s signature on altered witness and evidence lists in Khan v. David on Friday. She refrained from declaring a mistrial, but let the junior attorney off with a warning instead.

The offence, which could easily have led to being disbarred, is only the latest dirty trick pulled by Gloria Allred’s and daughter LIsa Bloom’s firms in their complex con against tech mogul Alki David. Evidence of witness fixing, evidence tampering, and outright perjury have been shown time and time again in the connected web of cases from ex-employees against David.

“Ellyn has revealed time and time again in court questioning that Bloom, Allred and her partner Nathan Goldberg have coached plaintiff’s and witnesses to perjure themselves,” David told the Daily Mail. “We have evidence that shows the ex-employees have been promised money and jobs to help with the suits. We’ve caught them coaching witnesses so blatantly–and not even getting their stories lined up. It’s all in the transcripts. They’re trying to blindside the jury with these so-called ‘MeToo Witnesses’ who stand to gain financially from their testimony.”

David has hired top UK firms 5RB Barristers, Edwin Coe and BCL Solicitors, as well as legendary human rights lawyer David Haigh, to bring civil and criminal suits against The Bloom Firm and Allred Maroko & Goldberg. The goal of the suits is to reveal the criminal methods Lisa Bloom and Gloria Allred use to exploit the ideals of civil rights for their own gain, according to sources Alki David’s team of attorneys will file criminal and civil suits alleging Perversion of the Course of Justice, Corporate Extortion, Perjury, Client Fixing and Legal Thuggery to Extort.

Garofolo filed a complaint on October 31st saying, “Well aware of the deep flaws in her case, Plaintiff is seeking and end run around Defendant’s ability to present the evidence which will expose her claims for what they are — a fiction created to exploit the very important “MeToo” movement,” the filing in the case Khan v. David states”

The current case, Khan v. David, is by far the least plausible of the Fake MeToo cases Allred and Bloom have engineered against Alki David. A previous case featuring R. Kelly confidante Chasity [sic] Jones is under appeal and the case Elizabeth Taylor v. Alki David ended in a mistrial in September, in David’s favor 8-4. In that case, Garofolo showed the jury multiple instances that Taylor and her witnesses were lying–including a faked naked hologram incident, and completely convoluted testimony from Jones that showed she could not have witnessed moments that she claimed she had.

“In fact,” the filing continues. “Understandably anxious to avoid a real trial, Plaintiff has engaged in other conduct in that raises serious ethical violations. Plaintiff forged the name of Defendants’ counsel which added exhibits to Plaintiff’s list and deleted at least three of Defendants’ ‘exhibits.”

“This conduct, is not merely unethical, it is a felony,” the filing states, citing Cal.PenalCode§132. The complete filing is available here.

For some reason Judge Michelle Williams has decided to ignore the filing, despite the fact that Gloria Allred is being investigated by state bars in Washington D.C. and California already, and that her ethics have been severely compromised by her participation in hush money schemes on behalf of Harvey Weinstein against his alleged rape victims.

Allred has even enlisted the L.A. Times to try to justify her silencing of women who could have been able to stop Weinstein a decade ago if Allred hadn’t muzzled them for her own financial gain. Most recently, the case of Ashley Anderson, who said Weinstein masturbated on top of her, was silenced for a mere $125,000—-presumably putting about $60,000 directly in Allred’s pocket, but forfeiting the chance to seek justice forever.

Meanwhile the L.A. Times has compared Alki David to Donald Trump, suggesting he has a political future.

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