Some call it “another setback” others, “a slow motion trainwreck.” Either way, Lisa Bloom’s stain on the legal profession continues to grow as a judge calls her opponent’s evidence ‘Indisputable.”

Buddy Kreuger made a big mistake when he tried to cash in on having worked for superstar photographer Bruce Weber with sexual harassment allegations: Kreuger hired Lisa Bloom to represent him. Bloom has been having a very bad couple of years: She was exposed for having sold out all her past clients and feminist-bonafides to Harvey Weinstein, as reported in the book She Said. She was exposed for having sold out her pal Ronan Farrow and participated in trying to get his reporting on Weinstein shut down with NBC. She has had to step back from numerous cases including ones involving CA Rep Cardenas and Usher. And, perhaps most humiliating at all, she lost a high profile case to a non-lawyer, Alki David, who admitted to being stoned throughout the trial.

In any case Kreuger is now shit-out-of-luck on his scam, thanks to Bloom.

“He appeared like he was trying to fit the incident into the statute of limitations, so the judge saw right through it,” a source familiar with the case told Page Six. “Bruce and his team had records and evidence that contradicted Krueger’s story each time he changed it, and the judge called Bruce’s evidence ‘indisputable.’ ”

Bloom did the same thing in the Elizabeth Taylor v. Alki David case, in which a jury issued a decision in favor of David 8-4, saying Taylor’s testimony was not credible. Taylor was caught in numerous lies on the stand, including a laughably provable point about how the Pepper’s Ghost / Tupac Shakur hologram technology works. The former head of HR for Alki David’s company also testified that Taylor’s email evidence appeared to be fabricated. Taylor, a wannabe former pro-wrestler and reality show extra, was shown to have suffered from multiple untreated head injuries before her employment with David, and to have been on a complicated drug cocktail for mental disorders prescribed by a hack phone-in doctor in Orlando, Florida.

And, as Page Six reports, in June, Bloom was ordered to pay Weber over $28,000 in legal costs after one of her key witnesses refused to answer certain questions at a deposition in the case brought by model Jason Boyce, another plaintiff. Unlike other “Expert Witnesses” Bloom and her mother Gloria Allred use regularly, she seems to have accidentally hired one with a shred of ethics left, one who wouldn’t lie to support false claims. Allred was under fire recently when it was exposed that her go-to hack shrink, Cindy Buf Meyers “from UCLA” lied to the jury in the Khan v. David case about how much she would be paid for her testimony. She said it would be a few thousand dollars when in fact it was $36,000.

Both Lisa Bloom and Gloria Allred are said to be under investigation by the California State Bar.

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