A newly revealed tape of Lauren Reeves doing her own crude comedy shows she lied underoath in the Reeves v. David trial

“And if you’re hot,” Lauren Reeves says. “Take off your shirt and pants.” This is in a comedy tape she wrote and produced for FilmOn Networks as an employee there, months before she quit and went on to claim she was shocked by the content produced by the studio.

Represented in her suit against FilmOn and its CEO Alki David by Gloria Allred and Nathan Goldberg, Reeves admitted to drinking a bottle of gin a day, and the shrink hired by her lawyers told jurors that her problems were likely caused by her abusive 7-foot tall lumberjack father in Alaska. Reeves and her witnesses were caught in lies repeatedly by David’s attorney Ellyn Garofolo of Venable LLP.

The newly revealed tape Reeves made at FilmOn is in keeping with the content she signed up to work on there. In fact before her second stint working at FilmOn, Reeves attended the premiere of the FilmOn produced film, Lord of the Freaks at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.

In the film, the denizens of BattleCam act out all kind of stunts and madness at the behest of Alki David, who plays an evil billionaire version of himself. One man nails his scrotum to a board, another lights himself on fire. There is nudity, violence, and scatalogical humor throughout the feature length mokumentary. (Watch the trailer for Lord of the Freaks here).

At the trial, Reeve’s witness Jake Weisman, failed director of the movie Cum Ghost starring Carmen Electra, gave an account of a meeting on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills that contradicted Reeve’s own account. Weisman’s embellished account said that David had actually choked Reeves when he jokingly put his hands on her and imitated Mowgli from Disney’s The Jungle Book that day — something Reeves never said. Texts entered into evidence also showed Weisman and Reeves joking lightheartedly about the incident the next day.

The shrink in question was Dr. Cindy Buf Meyers supposedly of UCLA, who testified that Reeves’ complaints in therapy were nowhere near the wild claims she presented at trial. Meyers also said Reeves was given to paranoid delusions, and had been all her life. Meyers herself was later found to have lied to the jury about her compensation by Allred’s firm–to the tune of $36,000. These lies could overturn the case on their own.

The defense originally subpoenaed another former employee of FilmOn, Elizabeth Taylor, intending to put her on the stand to show how Taylor, Reeves, Chastity Jones and others colluded with the Bloom Firm and Allred Maroko & Goldberg to work together on their allegations against David. (Texts among them offer payment and jobs in exchange for testimony, and in one case say, “You will get money and you won’t have to go to trial.”) But Taylor evaded the defenses subpoena–despite having just been at trial for 30 days a month before.

“I can only surmise,” said Ellyn Garofolo to Judge Greene. “That the plaintiff knew the evidence of conspiracy was credible and didn’t want it to come out in the trial.”

(The only other explanation is that Garofolo had been so good at exposing Taylor and Jones’ lies in the previous case–which ended in a mistrial in Alki David’s favor 8-4–that Goldberg was scared to have them examined by Garofolo on the stand again.)

Watch the newly revealed video of Reeves and see if you think she was “shocked” by the PG-level humor going on around the office.

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