From an undisclosed location, an Italian Judge has given eyewitness testimony about the IT expert who admits he used of military satellites to switch votes in the U.S. election


Today Italian Judge, professor and lawyer Alfio D’Urso gave testimony on defense contractor Leonardo SpA’s involvement in the alleged switching of votes from Trump to Biden via military satellite download and uplink from CIA-protected Dominion servers in Frankfurt.

It’s the second whistleblower to give a signed and sworn affidavit this week after Arturo D’Ella, an IT expert contracted to Leonardo, came forward to say he was the one who actually “pushed the button” to get the deed done. D’Ella, as pointed out in D’Urso’s affidavit, is also charged with implanting viruses in Leonard’s servers — a frame job according to some. D’Ella is concerned for his and his family’s safety. (Shockya was the first to report on D’Ella’s testimony: Read it in The Italian Job: Explosive New Testimony in Dominion Election Fraud).

D’Urso goes on to state that D’Ella says he was taking orders from U.S. citizens from inside the U.S. embassy (where former PM Renzi has been spending quite a bit of time). The new testimony also says that D’Ella says he was working in the Pescara facility of Leonardo and used military grade encryption techniques to switch the votes to Biden via the Fucino Tower.

He says the vote switches were targeted in order to flip key states and steal the election from Trump.

The net is closing in on the conspirators as increasingly China’s role in Italy and its desire for Biden to win the election is investigated, key in making the corrupt PCR Test the gold standard for Western medical ministries in order to control the West through pandemic fear and possible vaccine-born bioweapons.

China is also known to control the world’s media, most obviously through its outright ownership of Comcast and its vast empire. Mainstream media’s Herculean efforts to bury these revelations is its own sort of proof.

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