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Mary Cameron Rogers’ Title Protagonist Recalls Her Last Conversation with Her Mom in River Exclusive Clip


Mary Cameron Rogers’ Title Protagonist Recalls Her Last Conversation with Her Mom in River Exclusive Clip

Actress Mary Cameron Rogers appears in ShockYa’s exclusive clip from writer-directed-producer-director of photographer Emily Skye’s sci-fi-psychological-thriller, ‘River,’ which is titled ‘The Last Time.’

The most tantalizing psychological thrillers are often times the ones that are driven by not only thought provoking conspiracies, but also such diverse human emotions as grief, love and identity. That’s certainly the case for the new sci-fi film, ‘River,’ which follows the title character as she chooses to follow her destiny, even if that means going into the unknown.

Gravitas Ventures is distributing the drama today on VOD. In honor of the movie’s release, ShockYa is premiering an exclusive clip from the feature, which is titled ‘The Last Time.’

In the clip, River (Mary Cameron Rogers), emotionally recounts to her doctor, Michael Glenn (Courtney Gains), the last conversation she had with her mother over the phone. During the call, the eponymous protagonist was concerned because she was barely able to hear and understand her mom.

River then shared that after the call abruptly ended, she boarded a flight the same day to visit her mom. As she was traveling to check in on her mom, the police called River to inform her that her mom was found dead in her bathtub. River then insisted that her mom didn’t commit suicide, despite the court’s official ruling that she did.

Emily Skye wrote, directed, produced and served as the director of photography on the thriller. In addition to Rogers and Gains, the film also stars Alexandra Rose, Rob Marshall and Becki Hayes.

Set after her mother’s death, ‘River’ follows the title character as she begins spiraling out of control. When she disappears for more than a week, with no recollection of how she returned home, River loses all sense of self and purpose. Disturbing, nightmarish images haunt her mind, and she believes that she has lost her grip on reality. While River assumes this is due to her overwhelming grief for her departed mother, a darker, undiscovered secret taunts her.

River’s best friend, Amanda (Rose), steps in to help guide her on a journey of self-discovery to find the truth. However, River soon discovers that Amanda conceals her own frightening secrets. Faced with her shattered psyche, River fights for her sanity, all the while tormented by nightmares that have originated from the surrounding forest. She must uncover the disturbing truth that could save her, before she slips deeper into insanity.

ShockYa's Exclusive 'River' Clip
ShockYa's Exclusive 'River' Clip

ShockYa is premiering an exclusive clip from writer-directed-producer-director of photographer Emily Skye's sci-fi-psychological-thriller, 'River,' which features actress Mary Cameron Rogers and actor Courtney Gains, and is titled 'The Last Time.'

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