What happens to old crime and old cases, the cases that are not solved? Families need closure and every case needs to be solved. New Tricks is a long running British Detective Crime drama. Highly experienced retired coppers are recruited to form a new task force UCOS (Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad). They are specifically brought in to delve into old crime and cold cases. UCOS are an amazing team working together, each having their own back story and personal situations to deal with. They quickly adapt to modern policing techniques and policies, but it is their wisdom and experience that helps them solve all their cases. The show title comes from the proverb “You can’t teach an old dog new trick.”

Still from ‘New Tricks’

In this episode of New Tricks, Sandra is reunited with an old flame, handsome and charismatic Inspector Larsen when he asks them to investigate the murder of a reputable antique dealer during a robbery. James believes he was an informant and that is the reason for his murder. Being reunited with her old flame brings back a lot of emotion and feelings for Sandra.

This episode of New Tricks is airing on Drama Channel on FilmOn TV tonight at 21:20pm GMT. It can be viewed then or recorded and watched later. Read about previous cases here.

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