Non-Fungible tokens, NFTs are the latest buzz in the digital space and have taken over the world. NFTs are trending and rightly so, they are collectible digital assets that provide value. NFTs of the world’s coolest assets have been launched by Swissx. Swissx NFTs provide value,  be it social, monetary, psychological, or emotional. If one is a collector or wants to become a collector, it is quite simple to invest in Swissx NFTs through their official website or through Opensea.  One is able to invest fractionally in exquisite art pieces or buy the whole piece at once or can also group invest in pieces and at 51% stake get hold of the physical asset. NFTs provide the cool trendy status symbol that everyone aspires to have especially with all the celebrity backing. NFTs are also gaining wide popularity due to their current value and their potential value in the future.

NICOLAS DE STAEL – Timeless Piece of Art Poised for Growth in the Near Future!

Swissx is providing access to the some of the coolest asset backed NFTs from the Iconic Hollywood Film Negative for “THE REAL BRUCE LEE” 35 mm film negative & worldwide ownership of distribution rights to the finest art pieces such as Andrea D’Agnolo Detto Del Sarto , to 1% Ownership of El Palucho bear with diamond-encrusted pendant worth $50,000 dollars of quality blood diamonds made by Cameroon’s notorious jeweller Da White – Gold Minting is included in the price and buyer will receive a miniature icon with embedded NFC chip.

Still the question arises, why are people buying NFTs or rather why should one invest in an NFT? To put things in perspective, imagine a time before the internet and look at us now. Back then, very few people found the need for the internet, and most were not convinced of the use of internet. It was indeed dismissed as a fad at the time, and most were apprehensive to use it. And here we are today, starting our day scrolling social media, checking emails, reading articles, preparing our shopping cart all online even before the first cup of coffee in the morning. With NFTs we are in exactly the same situation.

Swissx Labs AG is based in Bern, Switzerland and is host to many cold storage blockchain customers, where keys and drives are kept in secure environments along with original artworks and precious artifacts.

One can also become an exclusive member of Swissx NFT Investors Club that is valued at over $ 1 billion US Dollars Exchanged between collectors of minted and unminted. With being part of the investors club every month you will receive the Swissx TV Wellness Box packed with Swissx curated goodies which also gets you access to exclusive content of 600 Channels of Live TV News & Entertainment and stay connected with daily prices on “The OpenSea” at

For more on the NFT have a look at the Swissx NFT collection here.

Swissx is the leading wellness brand from the Swiss Mountain Lab that focuses on bringing the best CBD products to the market. It helps people find relief using plant products.  CBD is the most influential compound today in the market for health and wellness and is used for various plant-based therapies. For more information on Swissx, visit its official website. Have a look at previous articles here.

Swissx TV is a streaming service, providing one of the finest online streaming experiences that enables viewers to watch live and recorded UK and international television shows, movies, music videos and channels in a variety of genres, including news, sports, drama, comedy, horror, lifestyle, shopping, pop, EDM and blues alongside being a social television. Be social while watching your favourite TV shows or live matches, discuss with your friends or just share your point of view with the rest of the viewers, bringing everyone closer and starting the discussion.

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