Jonathan Creek is a British Crime Drama series with hints of comedy keeping it light starring Alan Davies and written by David Renwick. When it comes to murder mysteries that cannot be figured out right till the very end, Jonathan Creek wins hands down. He is an illusionist who has the knack to solve mysteries. The main focus is on execution and figuring out how the murder has taken place instead of who is the killer. Jonathan Creek has a keen eye, pays attention to detail, and has amazing logical deduction skills. He is quick witted and his equation with his partner who is an investigative crime journalist helps him get cases. Their equation and banter keep the show exciting and fun with whimsical settings and intriguing plot twists.

Still from ‘Jonathan Creek’

In this episode, the police are perplexed by the death of a highly renowned doctor and cancer researcher in his locked room. He is stabbed by a Samurai Sword in his locked room. There was a lot of noise minutes from his room before his death, but there was no one in there apart from him. The suspicion lies on his reclusive son, high headed daughter in law and the resident monkeys on whom he was performing his cancer research.

Watch Jonathan Creek, the award-winning British Crime drama on the Drama Channel on FilmOn TV. This episode to be aired can be streamed this evening at 20:00pm GMT. It can be watched live or recorded and watched later.

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