Inspector George Gently is a British Crime drama set in the sixties in the idyllic village of Northumberland. Martin Shaw plays the title character Inspector George Gently with Lee Ingleby as his partner Detective Inspector Bacchus. As the show is set in the sixties it touches on a lot of issues that were prevalent then. Also, the policing techniques were quite different, different styles of investigation, treatment etc. George Gently is a copper with a charming personality and a strong sense of justice. He believes in what is right and there are no two ways about it. He is fearsome and takes decision that he thinks are right and doesn’t bend the rules.

Still from ‘Inspector George Gently’

In this episode a young woman is left to drown in an upturned car. The woman is linked to James Blackstone, an aristocratic family’s heir apparent. Gently and Bacchus find out that James’ entire life has been mapped out by his mother since his birth. She is not the one to accept any objections or hindrance in her plans. However, some revelations make Gently, and Bacchus rethink the entire case.

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